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  1. Segment bowl

    Segment bowl of maple and purple heart. 18 segments per ring. 14 segments. The purple heart segments where made 3/4 thick (approx) then cut in half with a small Dremel circular saw. Don't try this on the band saw. Bad idea. Finish is ***************. Also, I used the "stomper" to glue this up, that...
  2. The Stomper - For Segmented Turnings

    I'm getting into segmented turning, and was looking at various for centering rings during glue-up when I found Lloyd Johnson's 'Stomper'. The 'Stomper' uses a set of Longworth-style plates with a spring-loaded shaft to center rings. You can purchase a 'Stomper' from Lloyd Johnson's website...
  3. Meat Stomper

    Needed the correct diameter meat stomper for my grinder. Instead of buying plastic one, made this one that fits perfectly out of cherry with an olive oil finish. Got it done just in time for deer season and it worked amazingly.
1-3 of 3 Results