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  1. Another style stitching pony

    This stitching pony is for holding leather item while you sew them together. I have never seen one like this. I made it to hold items that might be a bit bulkier than what are normally stitched using a pony. It is made of pine, a 1/4-bolt and wing nut to operate it. The spring is to open and...
  2. Stitching Pony

    I've been building a few things out of leather lately and quickly discovered that 2 hands are not enough when it comes to hand stitching. Found lots of designs online and settled on my own variation that is designed to be held in vice or it could be clamped to a table or bench. In time I could...
  3. Simple, small stitching pony

    I salvaged some pieces of leather from a couch we replaced. From this I would like to try, among other things, to sew a bag for tools. Since I have no experience with sewing, I wanted to make life a little easier with a "third hand". The upper holes will probably only be used for small leather...
1-3 of 3 Results