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  1. 7' Walnut dining table

    almost ready to send this one to a new home. 7' bookmatched walnut top 1 7/8" thick. I had a little assistance on this one from my "helper"
  2. cherry hall table

    Narrow cherry table that can be used behind a sofa, or in a hallway, or foyer…...Mortise and tenon construction, tapered legs, finished with odies oil.
  3. narrow walnut table

    narrow tapered flitch of walnut used for the top of this hall/sofa table. top is elevated above the base . 48 long x 30 tall. walnut finished with odies oil
  4. walnut slab bench

    6'7" long walnut slab bench. the slab leg is tapered in thickness and on the opposite end are two turned legs which are mortised into the top. finish is a mix of blo, turp, and spar varnish.
  5. Catalpa and Black Cherry Dining Table

    Two board caltalpa tabletop with a black cherry base. Table is 7' long x 36" +/- wide x 29" tall. Two tall back torii chairs and two low back chairs using the same combination of woods. The table will easily accommodate 8 but I only had 4 chairs for the photo.
  6. small walnut dining table

    41×43 walnut slab top table. single piece top. bottom part of the tree had lots of hardware (fence) so only part of the butt log salvageable was the top crotch. finished with wiping varnish
  7. Walnut half round table

    this walnut half round is 18 deep x 36 wide. curved apron is a bent lamination with 5 plys. front join is a bridle joint and all other joints are mortise and tenon. finished with a wiping varnish.
  8. walnut coffee table/bench ... elevated series

    This walnut piece can be used as either a coffee table or a bench. Slight curve in the slab gives the table visual interest and elevating it above the legs helps keep the design light. Mortise and tenon construction with odies oil finish.
  9. split apron table in walnut with maple top.

    walnut base with split apron. curly maple top and accents . 32×72. Legs are tapered. Mortise and tenon joinery, odies oil finish.
  10. walnut 3 board bench

    narrow walnut bench for a customer who needed this before Christmas. walnut natural edge top with walnut legs. Legs are attached to the top with mortise and loose tenon joinery. simple quick project shipped it out yesterday. 10×44 x 18
  11. Walnut and maple coffee table. elevated series.

    this was and interesting piece of maple I have had for several years. Finally got the opportunity to do something with it. Base is walnut.Legs Tapered . I see this as a coffee table but it could be used as a bench as well. finish is odies oil.
  12. cherry and maple clock

    I had a piece of cherry in the firewood stack before deciding to take a slice off of it with a chainsaw. not knowing what I would do with it I let it dry on its own for several months. on a whim I made this clock. it will be a dusting nightmare but I kinda like it.
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am making a contemporary looking curved cross and need some suggestions on how best to do a shiplap joint where the cross members fasten together since the intersecting points are not straight. One friend suggested freehand routing but once the first shallow pass is made I wouldn't have a...
1-15 of 15 Results