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  1. Entertainment credenza

    This is another project I made a few years ago after buying a new flat screen TV. The old style entertainment armoires don't work for these new TVs and I wanted something a bit more sleek and contemporary to match my changing tastes. It is made of maple veneered plywood and solid cherry for...
  2. Component Cabinet

    This component cabinet is made from Black American Walnut and Ambrosia Maple. The pictures were taken prior to attaching the backing. The circular notches in the shelves allow the cables to run down the back and out of one central hole through the backing.
  3. Media Cabinet

    This is a media/stereo cabinet I built. It was made out of maple and walnut burl veneer. I cut the book matching veneer myself. I have since learned that the piece has been stolen.
  4. Stereo Cabinet

    We went to rearrange our family room a couple of months ago, and I figured out where I wanted to put our rear projection TV and realized there was going to be a gap behind the TV to fill. This gave me an opportunity to make my first "cabinet" to house all of the stereo equipment, games, Bluray...
  5. Milk-House Project_Stereo Cabinet

    Probably completed in 1978. I made this stereo cabinet in an old milk-house. I had access to a radial arm saw, jigsaw, router, and a belt sander. This is made from birch. It was the first time I glued panels together. I used dowels to help align the boards and belt-sanded them flat. My...
  6. HiFi Media Cabinet

    This was a great project that started with finding a quality set of speakers on CL for cheap. The case is made of maple plywood that I found at my local homecenter. I have been burned buying plywood from there before but this was a good piece and at the right price. The face frame is walnut...
  7. Asian style stereo cabinet

    This was a commission by a music lover in Portland. It is an Asian style cabinet with cantilevered boxes for stereo components. It is made with 3/4" pre-finished maple ply and trimmed in stained cherry. It was built using a lock miter and dados. I cut it so that the grain ran continuously down...
  8. Small hope chest

    Yep bored again, so I thew together a small rustic hope chest. Put a coat of lacquer on it & lined the inside with some purple felt, purple is her favorite color.
  9. Wood & Lumber
    I'm building a sizable toy chest for someone, and wanted to use cherry plywood for panels (1/2"), but after checking out prices, would like to consider another option. It seems that I read somewhere that birch plywood is very similar in grain to cherry, and is often used as a substitute? I could...
  10. Jigs & Fixtures
    I am a bit puzzled. I built a jig, sort of like a screw-advance box-joint jig, everything works just fine, but the joints turn out too loose. After checking any possible jig errors, I realized that my saw blade doesn't cut an 1/8" kerf. It's a Forrest Woodworker II, modified to FTG (to cut flat...
  11. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Is it just me, or is there something that's SO RIGHT about this picture? :)
1-11 of 11 Results