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  1. Step stool

    This is the step stool I designed and built in shop class. I chose walnut because I thought it looked good and it is very heavy duty. After I cut my pieces to size and routed the sides it was time to stain my projects. I decided to use Antique Cherry because it just gave the wood a darker look...
  2. Step stool

    I made this step stool with cherry wood in woods class, I did not stain the wood. I used the rounded edge for the routing process of the project. I used tung oil for finish. I had a little bit of trouble sanding the wood down.
  3. African Mahogany Footstool

    African mahogany wood, basic foot board design with A-shaped legs, rounded router profile design, stained, tung oil
  4. Step Stool

    I used hickory style wood, with a round over router. I applied two coats of cranberry red stain and two layers of tungoil.
  5. Step stool

    I made this step stool in shop class for a project, it is made out of cherry wood, I stained it with a dark walnut type stain, and finished it with gloss tung oil
  6. First project - wooden stepstool

    This was my first woodworking project since I made the decision to become a woodworker! I followed a plan from a book, and I think it turned out good. I'm proud of it at least.
  7. Stepstool

    I made this in shop class out of alder and poplar. I used Tung oil to finish it.
  8. Step stool

    I mane this in shop class. I used white birch for my wood and used tung oil for my finish.
  9. Stepstool

    Made in shop class, cherry wood, finished used in the project was tung oil
  10. Footstool

    I made this in my 11th grade woods class. It is made of from poplar wood. I used a tung oil for my finish.
  11. Step stool

    I made this in shop class. The wood used was poplar and alder. The finished used was Tung oil.
  12. Stepstool

    Made in shop class. Made out of cherry. Finished used: Tung Oil
  13. Stepstool

    Made in shop class. My material was Cherrywood. And the finish shine was by ting oil
  14. Step stool

    Made in wood shop class. Made out of cherry. Used tung oil for the finish.
  15. Stepstool

    This project was made in my High School Shop Class. It is made out of Alder. The finish is Tung Oil.
  16. Step Stool

    I made this step stool in shop class, it is made out of alder with cherry sides and used tung oil for the finish.
  17. Stepstool

    -Made in shop class -cherry wood -tuning oil
  18. Step stool

    Made in shop class. Poplar wood. Tung oil for finish.
  19. Little Luke's Step Stool

    My sister asked if I could make a step stool for her new step grand-baby Luke. I had been wanting to try this plan out for some time. It was fun to make, tho next time I'll probably do a few things differently. I think the dowel for the back support is either too close to the back or the sides...
1-20 of 215 Results