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  1. The Beast

    I call these steps "The Beast" because they remind me of a famous wooden roller coaster in my neck of the woods of the same name. The owner bought this house and needed new steps so she could move in. It was a challenge as I had to pretty much design on the fly. I dug some new footers and used...
  2. Stepstool for a Friend's Wife

    This is a stool I made for a friend of mine a few weeks ago whose wife was about to have a baby. They happen to have a pretty tall bed and a stool would be a great help for a new mother trying to climb into a high bed like that after going through childbirth. My friend and I were looking...
  3. Cedar hot tub steps

    Leftover cedar slab from picnic table project.
  4. Trex Deck

    I built this for a friend whose old deck was rotting away. The replacement is the exact shape, just a different layout. The previous owner, who built the deck, poured concrete right up to the old deck, so the new one had to fit the concrete form exactly. She had me put hidden trap doors into...
  5. Front Porch Steps

    This is my first project entry so if there is something I did wrong or need to do differently please correct me and/or give advice I didn't take any pictures where I laid out & cut the stringers. Project took me a couple of days as it was only me working with 2×12 material in a limited space.
  6. Dog Steps to bed

    My wife thought I was crazy, but now she is glad they have it.
  7. Steps for Elderly Cat

    My new girlfriend has 2 very old cats, so I made them steps to get on THEIR couch. (Not ours.) Also, there is a glaring over-cut that of course faces into the room.
  8. Torsion Box Tablesaw / Router Table

    This is my new tablesaw built from 5/8" MDF in a Torsion Box design. It is 72" x 72" x 4"and has built in cabinets for my DeWalt Planer and Delta Joiner for easy access. The table is covered in Formica for a nice smooth surface. The saw sits on a 3/4" plywood platform that has 4x jacking...
  9. Staggered Steps Endgrain Cutting Board

    I designed this cutting board pattern last week while trying to come up with some kind of 3D design. This is the result. It is made out of walnut, cherry, and maple. I glued up the walnut sticks with mitered cherry and maple sides. I then routed notches along the length of these sticks. Next...
  10. Fruits of my labor, day

    Small project for my sister and brother in/law gone awry. I built them a two car garage and a mud room last year, but they couldn't decide on the steps they wanted coming out side of the mud room. They finally decided, so I got started. They showed me a magazine that had a pic of some they...
  11. Steps and Patio

    I helped my uncle pore this concrete patio and build the steps. We used treated pine lumber. They were a bit tricky b/c the concrete slopes away from the house so there was an inch difference from the left to the right. I was so surprised that I made them exactly level.
  12. My second project-Arts and Crafts style dog steps and what I learned

    While my first project was made of cedar, my main interest has been making craftsman-era and style stuff with oak. So, learning to make through mortise and tenons was first. With a coupon in hand and a bad idea in my head, I went to Harbor Freight and bought a scroll saw. --- Let me stop right...
  13. Cecil's Stairs

    If the sliding-top box I built a few weeks ago was my "freshman effort," these pet steps qualify as my "sophomore effort" here on LJs. Being very new to woodworking, I decided to get some practice with dovetail and half-blind joinery. The opportunity was afforded by virtue of our nearly 15...
  14. New front steps

    Here are the new front steps on our house. The old steps did not give enough room to open the storm door while still standing on the steps. Plus there used to be a bent pipe railing on the driveway side which was an obstacle coming from that way. Now we can walk up and down the stairs more...
  15. Trex Steps

    Last summer I built these steps from cutoffs and pieces left over from a deck built of Trex on the second floor at the end of my friend's home in Juneau. I wanted to give him a unique design that would be both pleasing to the eye and blend somewhat with the cobblestone sidewalk poured along the...
  16. Deck

    Well, I am not "100%" done yet but I couldn't resist posting any longer. I still have skirting to put around base (which will be made of vertical deck scraps), a few areas of touch up painting, grass to restore, etc. But who knows how long that will take me just working evening and weekends...
  17. Outdoor Living

    Built this for my girlfriend last summer, she liked it.
  18. Steps & Stools

    Here are some matching steps and stools. They are all made from Beech, the steps are beech veneer ply wood and the pivot rail and step spacers are made from walnut. The Orange stool in Golden Oak Stain, the Brown is a 1:3 mix walnut stain and thinners. The Finish on all the stools is a...
  19. Ornamental Christmas house display unit

    My sister asked me to design and build some steps so she could display her 13 Christmas house decorations. I decided to use standard 3/4" thick pine for both the steps, and the 2 stringers. You normally make stringers from 1.5" thick stock, but there is no need for this kind of...
  20. Reclaimed Wood - Pet Steps

    These steps used to be privacy fence around someone's yard. This lumber is left over from the coffee table project.
1-20 of 34 Results