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  1. Bottle stoppers

    A pair a bottle stoppers I finished this weekend. The left one is walnut that has been sitting in the shop for about 10 years and the right one is cherry from the $1 bin at Woodworkers Source. The walnut has two coats of natural stain and a coat of bees wax. The cherry has two coats of natural...
  2. Greene and Greene table mirror

    Some time ago I decided to make G&G table mirror as a gift to my daughter. For a long time I selected project and found this project . For this mirrors I used cherry, padauk for drawer handles. I used also square brass rod for the handles and made natural stones inlay with black obsidian...
  3. Decoration for V-Bert

    When we've purchased our 32' sailboat named "Lindisfarne" several years ago, it needed some work, both interior and exterior. A front sleeping compartment(known as V-Bert on sailing vessels) needed to be re-finished. Afterwards I noticed some emptiness around mirror on the back wall and carved...
  4. Ambrosia Maple Bowl

    My first try at turning ambrosia maple, and it turned really nice. The Bowl is about 8" wide and a lil more than 2 inches tall. Finished at 800 grit and treated with hot beeswax and mineral oil, and buffed out to what you see here. I left a few beetle tunnels near the rim of the bowl, to...
  5. William and Mary Bookstand

    This is the first project I've completed in the last year and a half, and it felt good to be back in the shop again. This bookstand is pictured in "Paint, Pattern, and People: The Furniture of Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1725-1850," which is a marvelous book. It inspired Charles Bender at...
  6. Natural Maple Burl Bowl

    Unbalanced, heavy and fragile, this was a real turning challenge! 12" across at the widest point, about 3" tall.
  7. sculpture bases

    Other things have damped my wood working endeavors. But, #3 son is very fond of cats so we got him these ceramic cat figures. However, the bases were narrow and they were tall enough to be easily tipped so I decided to make and put them on some bases. I know this is no big deal for most of you...
  8. Intricate Compound Dulcimer

    Description This is probably one of the most complex pieces I have ever cut, and is definitely the most complex compound cut I've ever done. It didn't take as long to cut as I originally expected, but was very challenging. I cut this from poplar, and finished it with semi-gloss spray poly...
  9. Rustic Farmhouse Cabinets mesh, glass or mirrored door

    I've been building and selling these Rustic mirrored medicine cabinets with towel bars for the last year. I've done pretty well, but I thought I would switch things up and give the option of mesh door or glass doors. Some folks may want to display old vintage trinkets.
  10. A Picket Fence for Cats, Really?

    We designed the second floor of our home to be an open loft rather than individual enclosed rooms (that was B.C., before cats). The knee wall is 8" wide and turned out to be great place for cat napping, however, if they roll over the wrong way it is 12' to the ground. One of our cats did this...
  11. Scratch Stock

    a little scratch stock i made for shaping small profiles. Made from 1" maple and blades made from hardened steel shims
  12. Heavily Spalted Box

    Another fireplace rescue. The first drawer with the leather fob holds the face on. When removed, the face slides off to reveal 2 drawers (4 drawers total) and theres a hidden drawer behind the first drawer. As you can see, it's nearly more spalt than wood. These were the only 3 pictures that...
  13. English Elm & Walnut

    Sorry about the bad pictures. Hall table, Urban salvaged English Elm with recycled walnut top. Natural non toxic oil wax finish.
  14. End Grain patterned box

    So about a year ago I bought this mixed box of exotic woods from rockler. After it sat under my workbench for about a year I finally decided to do something with it. I took all of the wood and squared up all of the edges. I went to work putting it all together like a puzzle and ended up with a...
  15. tools I made

    This boring tool has an indexable insert at the tip and is 31 inches long. These sanding tools use 2 inch hook and loop sanding disks, I still need to make handles for two of them.
  16. Cherry Screwdriver

    I made this screwdriver from an off-cut from some 2×2 cherry table legs. I turned the cherry block on my drill press using the hanger bolt adapter shown. The ferule is a plumbing part I found and the magnetic bit holder was from the hardware store. Both are epoxied in place with the hole for...
  17. Chip carved napkin rings

    These napkin rings are a fun, quick carve! I've got the patterns if you'd like to give them a try. There is a video lesson showing you the technique as well. Shoot me an email or reply with your comments if you'd like.
  18. Work Table / Workbench

    This was patterned after another project I saw posted on here from Dennie of Tennessee. It was a fun project to complete. Took about a week. Sorry, I didn't keep track of the cost as I reused some wood from another workbench. It is 3' deep and 6' 6" wide. It stands 37.5" from floor. Casters are...
  19. Some kalidascopes

    Some of the kaleidoscopes I've made. These are one of best received items I turn, I've got a waiting list for them.
  20. Benches

    I built both of these benches from old beds I got at goodwill, I gave them both to my sons. Getting ready to start another one from a Jenny Linn. I'm learning as I go…Made a lot of mistakes….
1-20 of 61 Results