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  1. Steam bent music stand

    Steam bent white oak music stand, first steam bent project and it was a 100% success! Made out of white oak, mostly quarter sawn
  2. Steampunk/Industrial pipe shelves

    Saw a photo of a pipe and wood shelf on instructables, so I decided to make on. Each section is 4'x5' and is built using 1/2" pipe and red oak boards. Added some gauges, copper, and other things to spice it up and to use as bookends. Not done yet, but it's good for now.
  3. Hans Wegner Danish Modern Elbow Chair

    The is a play on the design of the Danish modern chair designer, Hans Wegner. The original includes a padded leather seat but this one I altered the design to include a handwoven rush pattern seat made of danish cord. The back is 1-1/4" thick solid white oak steam bent to a 11-1/8" radius and...
  4. Abstract Bentwood Art

    The first project I have for my students in my Woods I class is a design project. They are instructed to make bentwood abstract art. The wood we bent was red oak and the other woods could be anything they wanted. Many students struggled on this project and especially on the finishing and...
  5. Scale model Steam Engine

    Scale model Steam Engine
  6. Oak Dining Chairs

    I built this set of six oak chairs as part of the new dining set I am making for our house. I steam bent the back splats to match the rear legs. The legs were trimmed to shape on a custom router template sled. You can watch the build in Episodes 5 and 6 of my Woodcademy show on Amazon Prime...
  7. Rustic Pottery Shelves

    Built some pottery drying shelves for my wife. Made out of 5/4 barn boards with a galvanized pipe frame. Got inspired by a shelf in a local art store in Eau Claire, WI. Sorry about the sideways photos, that's the way they upload.

    Sea Breeze is one of those old boxes I started some time ago but could not finish until I got some inspiration from a Buddy's project posted yesterday . It is a steam bent box made from birch and walnut with a vented lid . The lid is simply saw kerfed and the two kerfed pieces are glued to the...
  9. Now THAT's A BOX!

    For those familiar with Shaker box sizes from John Wilson, this is a size #17 box. I spent a week with John in Charlotte, MI in April. Bending this box is definitely a two man job. We bent three of these beauties. The box measures 32" x 24" x 12". The band is curly cherry; top is curly...
  10. Bear paw snow shoes

    Laminated oak frames, rawhide lacing. Oak strips steam-heated & bent around a form, clamped and laminated. Oak cross pieces with tenons fitted into mortises in the frame. All glued with resin glue. Laced with wet rawhide which dries super-tight and 'tough as rawhide'. 7 coats of spar varnish -...
  11. Old-Fashioned Steam Roller

    I ran across a neat looking pattern to build an old-fashioned steam roller. The original pattern was for a steam roller about 10 inches long. I decided this was not big enough, and scaled up the pattern by 2X using Sketchup. My finished model is 21 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 15 inches...
  12. Halfpipe Ramp

    Hi, After we dreamed about it as kids.. Me and my friends finally built one. 2X4 structure, 2 layers of plywood on top( In retrospect, I recommend to do 3). the entire ramp cost around 1500$, and took 3 days build. link to video that show the whole process - Thanks, Daniel.
  13. Curvey Cabinet

    I needed to make a piece of furniture with a curved element in it for my course at Tech. I also needed an end table for my sofa. I like making cabinets and fitting drawers, so here it is! My curvey cabinet. Beloved of millions, and winner of a certificate of merit in the novice section of the...
  14. Rocking Chair, Maloof and me

    Finally finished my "Maloof and me" rocking chair. This project I started last spring and worked gradually to completion. Have been intrigued by the elegance and structural integrity of Maloof style joints and the whole concept of building a custom fit, sculptured rocker for a while. Well, this...
  15. Bentwood Abstract Art

    Students had their intro project on design, wood steaming, and learning how to use the power tools. Their biggest problem was how to attach the wood to each other without showing glue or fasteners. They did a great job!
  16. Bentwood Abstract Art-Round 2

    Same project, just more pictures!
  17. Steam Box

    This steam box was built using 1×8 cedar for the box and 1/2 birch dowels to suspend the wood being steamed. The steam generator is a propane fired turkey deep fryer. I added a water reservoir to replenish the deep fryer without removing the lid and the lid is held in place with spring clamps...
  18. Quick steam box

    I needed a steambox so I threw one together quick. The box is made from #4 pine, 7/8" rough on one side. 1×12" is only $1 lf, $13 total was 1/2 the price of 4inch pvc. To raise the wood up I nailed some 1×1 every foot or so. I made the box 6 foot but I think I can easily build an extension...
  19. Fishing Landing net

    This is my first steam bent landing net. I steamed the wood and clamped it into the mold first. I let it sit for a couple of days. Then took it off and glued it up, put it back in the mold for another couple of days. My first attempt I had maple and padauk, but the padauk did not bend well...
  20. Hope chest

    Hope chest that I donated to a fundraiser. Raised panel front and sides.
1-20 of 65 Results