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  1. Steam bent ski

    Black ash steam bent skis for a hus ski bolen 444 for a guy i know,there 4 skis of 3"x48"x9/16" they will get tied up together with metal brackets so there will be 2 6" skis. Still learning in steam bending but im loving it its awsome
  2. Halfpipe Ramp

    Hi, After we dreamed about it as kids.. Me and my friends finally built one. 2X4 structure, 2 layers of plywood on top( In retrospect, I recommend to do 3). the entire ramp cost around 1500$, and took 3 days build. link to video that show the whole process - Thanks, Daniel.
  3. Luge

    My luge is made from black ash and red oak finished with a marine grade varnish, the skis are steam bent black ash and so are the railings too, the top is red oak,first time i make a luge like this now i juste have to wait for the vanish to hardden and ill be able to try it
  4. Cherry Cello Stand

    I recently completed this piece for my boss' daughter's Christmas present. She has always played the cello and has recently gotten back into it. Previously it was awkwardly leaning in a corner of the room. This was an interesting project in that I had a difficult time coming up with a...
  5. Comb Back Windsor Arm Chair

    This is a chair that I made with Curtis Buchanan while we were working on a publication for this design. We thought it would be good to build the piece we would be working on together so that I knew the ins and outs of the piece. It was great fun. It was made all from green wood starting with...
  6. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Howdy everyone, this is my first time posting, in fact it's my first time on this site, but I've been reading around and it seems like a nice community. So, I needed a new project and after much deliberation I've decided I'm going to construct my own Eames style lounge chair. But so far I only...
  7. Blogs
    Dining Chair Build Here's what I decided to make, more or less. I drew up some plans. I followed them pretty closely, but did change a few thicknesses of some of the stretchers. I red-lined them and will save them fro later. Plan of the chair back. Plan of the chair seat/legs, from the...
  8. Wood & Lumber
    I am trying to make a step for my mom to get into her bed and match her current furniture. The bottom has a U shape each side being 10 inches, and the front is 20 inches, on the corners is a 3 7/16 radius. i cut a piece of straight grain cherry 6 1/2 inches wide and 48 inches long and 1/2 inch...
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Something new I'd like to try, however I've never worked with exotics and steam. Any tips on which exotic lumbers are good to use and which I should stay away from? Thanks in advance for any advice! ps…if I've put this into the wrong forum, let me know. I'm still figuring that part out
1-9 of 9 Results