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  1. Steady rest for my lathe

    I finally got around to making my steady rest for my lathe. This is based on the design posted by arjudy. I have not used it yet but will tomorrow to hollow out a 10" high hollow form. I think it will do the job more than satisfactory. Thank you arjudy! Comments welcome! Erwin Jacksonville, FL
  2. Lathe SteadyRest

    My neighbor asked me to turn a cane for him, and I said sure, no prob…...I've never done anything this long. It's like a gigantic pen.. Anyway, he brought me a 3×3" piece o Poplar. I split it in half, put a 3/8 piece o Walnut in the middle, and while it was gluing, I thought, hummmmm, I'm gonna...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello, I've read the postings for a few years now but it was only earlier this year that I became a member and since then I have learned so much from all of you… Thank you! Just a bit about myself… it was back in the 70's (sixth grade) when I pushed my first piece of wood passed a table saw...
1-3 of 3 Results