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  1. homemade steady rest

    Some fellow jocks were asking to see this and could'nt find it. So I'm re-posting it for them. Its made from a pair of rollerblades I picked up at a yard sale. Aluminum T channel and bolts that fit the rollerblades. I do have the whole article I got from a magazine, but it would have to be after...
  2. Rubber Band Gun

    A project i found from youtube. Took a couple tries but finally came out with a pretty decent looking revolver. It has a 4 spoke wheel that allows it to shoot 4 rubber bands. If you plan on using it more than showing it on display, I would highly recommend using a very hard wood or even metal...
  3. Steady Rest For Wood Turners

    I found the plans for this in one of Wood Magazines jigs,fixtures and storage plans. Works like a charm on anything long and inround. If it's out of round, forget it. It's made from 3/4s plywood, rollerblades and T track. If you send me an S.A.S.E. I'll make a copy of the plans for you and send...
  4. Jigs & Fixtures
    I noticed this in the last email from Woodworkers Journal… ... although I'm not a Turner, I thought y'all would be interested in this! Lathe Steady Rest Looked pretty COOL to me… ... hope y'all like it…
  5. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Share your tips on starting and maintaining a successful woodworking business (Discussions from the April '09 eMag)
1-5 of 5 Results