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  1. Pet Ramp

    We have an aging Jack-Russell Terrier that was showing signs of difficulty on her pet stairs. As an alternative, I decided to build a ramp for her to climb up onto the bed with. The concept was simple enough, though I wanted to incorporate some elegance into it - as well as lighten the weight...
  2. What is it? (are these?) Another in the on the cheap helpers

    These are quite familiar in another material to some here, and I'm sure useful, I just couldn't see spending so much for the little dinky things that the store near me sells them for. I had some scrap and needed a break from cutting black walnut for a few projects so I took out the chop saw and...
  3. Hand Tools
    Stanley Bostitch Heavy Duty Manual Stapler Model - BT160HL. My friend has this hand staple with Hi/Lo. 2 in 1 Brad/Staples. Never seen a switch on the bottom with a (+/-) on it. Was curious if any LumberJocks know exactly the purpose of this switch?
  4. Wood & Lumber
    I recently picked up about 10 boards of 3/4 rosewood flooring. However when they tried to take out the staples they didn't know how and so just ground them flush to the wood with an angle grinder. How do I get the rest of the staple out without just cutting off about 25% of my usable wood?
  5. Blogs
    Mo tools, mo problems. Gift Horse Power The shop is only a year and a half own and I am constantly cleaning and organizing. Tools have accumulated quicker than I can file them. Kristin's Grandfather has been giving me tools like crazy. Just two weeks ago(along with yard tools and some nice...
  6. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Dear Friends, I have purchased this cool old mahogany mirror/shelf kinda thing that I want to use over a powder room vanity. I would like to make a shelf for the bottom that is appropriately radiused and profiled from a mahogany board that I have purchased. I need some help on how to set...
1-6 of 6 Results