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    Oak plates 40x8x2cm, with 3mm/10mm grooves, 5 degree angled, finish wood oil

    Wooden stand for lady who is making embroidery / sewing projects. Total hight some 25cm, beech base 26x24x4cm, slats 50x25mm, metal and beech knobs. Idea was to make it move and rotate in all directions, when holding sewing pattern. Finish wood oil.
  3. Projects THREAD STAND

    Order from lady who is skilled with threads, which needed tidy workspace when making her projects. 35x20x3cm moon shape thread stand, made of 10mm birch plywood and 25mm walnut. First I cut moon shape on bandsaw, write holes, drilled them and finished with srollsaw. Then, glued plywood on walnut...
  4. Aquarium stand

    When I bought my new aquarium they had a flimsy pine and pressboard stand that you could purchase for $200.00 more. First, this is a 45 gallon aquarium…it weighs a lot! Like around 400+ pounds filled. Second, the thickest board on their $200.00 special was 3/4" pine. The pressboard was 1/4"...
  5. Replacement Bird Feeder Stand

    Last spring, the mock cherry tree in our front garden put on a tremendous display of blossom, in what turned out to be its last gasp. This year it remained dormant, and appeared to have been struck down by Bracket or Honey, fungus. As is the case with these infections that affect old trees...
  6. Stand for Toilet paper

    Stand for Toilet paper. The material is larch. Brake from excessive unwinding of the roll. Two shelves.
  7. Earring holder

    Sorry about the pics…not sure why they're loading sideways. Tried a few different orientations and they still come up sideways. Backstory to the project: I travel to Sitka, Alaska, from time to time and found a local artisans store. One jeweler in particular caught my eye and the SO loved them...
  8. Walnut table

    I had some walnut left over from the crib so i thought I'd practice some mortise and tenon joints with the new tenon cutter for the table saw. Simple TV stand for a weekend project. Oh by the way, Mountaineers VS Terapins tomorrow night (9/12/07). Mounties by 21
  9. Deadman Roller Stand Christmas Gift

    Some 60+ years ago, my father built a roller topped deadman stand to use as an extra hand working long stock on his ShopSmith and generally working projects around his shop. I have no idea if he built it to plans, or designed it himself. I still use the little roller top at some point of most...
  10. Aquarium Stand

    I acquired a 60 gallon aquarium so I needed a stand. Instead of shelling out $300 for a new stand I decided to try my hand in carpentry leaving this as the end product. I had some wood paneling from a room in my house that we remodeled so I stained that and used it for the stand making a very...
  11. Steam bent music stand

    Steam bent white oak music stand, first steam bent project and it was a 100% success! Made out of white oak, mostly quarter sawn
  12. Hepplewhite One Drawer Stand

    See more on my WordPress Blog Follow the build below: Hepplewhite Stand #1: What's Wrong With This Picture Hepplewhite Stand #2: First Things First Hepplewhite Stand #3: Lay-Out & Rough-Cut Hepplewhite Stand #4: A Proper Edge Hepplewhite Stand #5: Mortises - Finally! Hepplewhite Stand #6...
  13. Arts & Crafts Taboret

    Locally Grown Quilted Cherry
  14. Ukulele/Guitar Stand

    My very first wood project, a stand for my ukulele :) The imperfection is so obvious, hopefully my skill will improve with time.
  15. Aquarium Stand/Cabinet

    This will be a good place to start listing my projects. This was the first attempt I made at creating any kind of a cabinet or peice of furniture. It's the second wood project I created in my workshop/garage following building and equipping it with some basic tools I had spread all around the...
  16. Patio/deck ice chest stand

    I made a small cooler chest a few months ago with a small Styrofoam ice chest inside as a kind of prototype. I finally decided to make a full size version with a 52 QT igloo ice chest inside for my dad's birthday. It is made out of 8 cedar fence pickets from Home Depot. It has two handle on...
  17. Free standing mirror made from pallet wood

    I had some heavy oak pallet wood sitting in my garage, not the top slats but the middle 3 pieces that the boards get nailed to. When my wife would straighten her hair, she would bring this huge mirror in the living room and prop it up so she could straighten her hair and watch tv. So, she asked...
  18. Oak TV Stand | Custom

    This is a Television Stand that was completed on 9-10-2007. I didn't completely build the piece. It was started by the husband of one of my customers. The customer I built the Bookcase/End Tables and The Black Lacquer Bookcases for. Her husband passed away before competing them. After...
  19. Drill Press Table

    Well it's been a while since i've posted but rest assured, I have not been idle. I have slowly been acquiring used tools, restoring them and then selling them again slowly increasing efficiency in my shop and increasing my level of enjoyment. I found this Delta drill press for under $100 with a...
  20. chisel holder

    Made this thing out of cheap wood from Lowe's :). Pretty happy with the result. It works well with my $18 set of chisels! (I have upgraded my tools considerably since then)
1-20 of 500 Results