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  1. Staked shop stool

    I needed a new stool for my shop. The one I mostly use is 18" high, which is too low for my new titanium knees (they'll get better), so I decided to make a new, taller stool. I took a piece of 3 inch wide 4/4 maple that was just under six feet long, ripped it in half, then crosscut it in half...
  2. Spalted elm shop stool

    Back in February, I bought a large slab of spalted elm I'm using to build a new workbench. A piece from the end of the slab was big enough for a stool, so I decided to build a tall and sturdy shop stool for myself. I cut two corners off a rectangular piece, then shaped the legs from red oak...
  3. Stools - I********************ani Inspired

    I built these pair of stools in June 2017, they were inspired by I********************ani Furniture. The stools are 12" x 16" and about 21" tall. The legs were turned at the lathe. The tops' bull nose profile was made using a block plane. One of the stools is made from White Oak and the other one is made...
  4. Coffee Table - Live Edge

    This is a walnut live edge coffee table I built in December 2019. The under carriage is built like the staked furniture in Christopher Schwarz Anarchist Design book (highly recommended). Thanks for looking, Luis
  5. Pair of staked chairs

    Some of the first chairs I made. They aren't great, but they were a fun introduction into trying to make chairs. These were based on the staked chairs out of The Anarchist Design Book by Chris Schwarz. Spalted sycamore seat, with qs sycamore crest rail. Air dried walnut legs and spindles. Soap...
  6. Staked Low Stool for Ikea Kitchen

    This is my first foray into staked furniture making. I bored the mortises with just a brace and bit and cut the leg tenons from square stock and shaped the round end with a spokeshave. If I make other staked furniture I'll be picking up a conical reamer and making a DIY tenon cutter. Wood used...
1-6 of 6 Results