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  1. Spalted elm low workbench

    It all started back in February, when I went down to Minnesota Milling to get a slab of elm. I picked out one that had been outside and was "nicely spalted" and had it squared up, then headed home. February, March, April, May… I spent a lot of time repairing cracks in the elm as it dried out...
  2. Forge table project

    I built a small table to hold my single burner Hell's Forge forge. It's an oak top, ash legs and stretchers, with a salt cedar hub, and walnut wedges, topped with a piece of diamond-plate aluminum to protect it from the heat of the forge. The legs are staked into the top then wedged in place...
  3. Blogs
    Oak top I bought a little forge for the shop, and it arrived last week. Hoping to use it for the knife swap that's just begun. One of the things I'm short on in my shop is flat surfaces, so I decided to build a little table for the forge and associated tools to sit on (the anvil will hopefully...
1-3 of 3 Results