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  1. Crib for Sarah Nicole

    Worked on it for a month and was scheduled to deliver it a week before the due date but Sarah had a different schedule. Mom went into labor the morning I was to deliver the bed. Delivered three days later and everyone seemed pleased.
  2. Mahogany TV stand

    I finally finished my African Mahogany TV stand. I designed it myself. I'm waiting for the knobs, they are on order. If you interested in the design and making of this project I created a blog or you can visit my website which will have the construction in more detail. Angela
  3. Restained and finished office door

    Steel doors. Gel stain (hate the stuff), Minwax Helmsman finish
  4. egg box

    I built a box for carrying egg cartons for a couple friends with 16 chickens, using oak I got from their property.The structure is based on this tool box, but with dovetails. I put dovetails on everything. They refer to the flock as veloci-chickens so I put...
  5. Sedona AZ. Healing Hand in Hickory

    10"x12"x2" Healing Hand with Metaphysical powers! The text has been burnt instead of the stained hand. The vortex in the hand and background are only waxed. Sorry I didn't post more descriptive photos to give the full demensional look. Thanks for watching
  6. First real project in some years.

    My Table saw was in storage for about 10 years and I just recently was able to go get it and set it back up. So this is my first real wood working project in that length of time. It is apparent I am not yet comfortable with some of the other new equipment yet. From a distance these shelves...
  7. Shadow box and flag display.

    This is a military retirement shadowbox with attached flag holder and a matching flag holder I made for a retiring US Navy Sailor. The wood is more of the Indian dontknow I use in most of my projects. The shadowbox and holder stand 42 inches tall. The shadowbox itself is 22 by 28 inches. The...
  8. Small Beetle Kill Pine Bookcase

    Hello there my name is Wesley and I am a 25 year old amateur woodworker who lives in Steamboat Springs, CO. This is my first project that I've put on here so please comment with your critique, advice and opinions. I have been an admirer of this site for about a year now and I figured it was...
  9. Something old something new -

    It was in bad shape moldy an weathered, i repaired applied vinegar sanded and repeated condition and then used , 6 different stains I conditioned the wood mixed my colors, taped it off stained and restained sanded and so on followed up w tung oil I applied 8 diff coats I didn't have any trouble...
  10. Big Leaf Maple Clock

    I bought some Big Leaf Maple Burl on Ebay and I resawed it into 3/4" thick and made a clock. The wood became quite undulated because of the uneven drying of the wood. So I just kept the uneveneness and sanded it with a ROS. The finish is Penofin it is soaked in and then wet sanded with...
  11. Chariot

    Handmade spoke wheels, hand formed enclosure, woven leather suspension
  12. ZONK II !

    YUP another Double-Double Dovetail Jewelry Box … Purple Heart and Maple I make a lot of jewelry boxes with the main wood Maple and the trim Purple Heart. One is in the main signature photo on our web site. One day while pondering a Red Heart and Wenge box, I asked the little woman what she...
  13. Arts and Crafts Art Frame

    This is my 1st venture back into woodworking after being away for about 25 years. The design is from a Stickley mirror that's something like 36×18. Mine is about 16×29, so I adjusted the proportions a bit untill I thought they looked about right. I did 2 of these. The second is identical...
  14. DVD Cabinet

    DVD cabinet made from soft maple. Measures 24"W x 33"T x 13"D. Holds about three hundred DVD's on three shelves. Doors lock to keep children out of it. Finished in steps with a water soluable dye; shellac; rosewood gel stain; shellac; walnut gel stain; and finally a Waterlox top coat.
  15. Snap Lid Boxes

    Here are a couple of snap lid boxes for those of you who like turning on a small scale. The box and lid are turned from the same piece. Look close at the grain and you can see they both line up. These are good project pieces for those of you who are wanting to get better at your turning...
  16. Asian inspired hall table

    This hall table was asian inspired and made of Cherry with a solid slab of Maple for the top. Its mortise and tennon construction and was finished with danish oil and paste wax.
  17. Table saw gaurd

    I built this with my kids in mind. I would love for them to show interest in wood working someday. The original gaurd was limited and well you know a pain. The frame is made from 2" square steel tubing welded together. The horizontal piece of wood is ash with a steel insert (painted white) where...
  18. My new spice rack. FINALLY finished :)

    YEAH!!! I built this back in May. I've had it laying around in my garage waiting to be finished. Found a problem with not finishing it when I built it. I had not planned on staining it… so I didn't try to get rid of the glue very hard. Most of that evidence is hidden though :) When I built it...
  19. 10 Fretwork Bunny Silhouette Ornaments

    I just finished designing these fun and pretty little bunny ornaments to welcome in the spring and summer! I decided to make two versions of the bunnies - one to show off the beautiful richness of the maple, and the other set stained in soft pastel colors. For the natural version, after...
  20. Stair step covers

    A good friend had some naked spiral stairs. So I offered to make her some oak stair covers. "Lets' go to Home Depot. But they cheat you. You buy a 1×6 and it's only 3/4×5 1/2"" We went to the borg and priced some oak stair treads. "Wow. This is going to be expensive" Then I took her to my...
1-20 of 110 Results