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  1. cat in staghorn sumac

    Sumac glows under black light but the picture doesn't capture the appearance very well. Eyes are glass.
  2. Executives

    Maple, Staghorn Sumac, Wood (Cherry, Mahogany?) from an antique side table that was falling apart and my wife said to get rid of….
  3. Lidded bowl from Staghorn Sumac

    Turned from a spot on the tree very close to the roots, this bowl has some really interesting character to it. My coworker pointed out that the growth lines in the first picture look like a chalice. The finish is mineral oil. The bottom section is 5" diameter and the whole assembly is 5.5" tall...
  4. Wood & Lumber
    Hi Folks- A few minutes searching didn't yield specific results, so I thought I'd ask for suggestions. I have an old maple tree in a front yard in Richmond, VA, that must come down. The term the arborist used is "declining". I thought and he confirmed that it's a sugar maple, and claims that...
1-4 of 4 Results