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  1. Walking Stick - Handgrip Experiment

    This one is more of an experiment that is applicable to walking sticks or staffs. I was looking at my Ashiko drum (, and I started to wonder if I could use the same roping method to create a handgrip on a walking stick or staff. After a bit of drilling and...
  2. A Cause for Walking Sticks

    Earlier this year my father's cousin Michael sent us some information about a former Army Ranger, Rory Fanning, who decided to take time out of his life to walk clear across the US to raise funds for The Pat Tillman Foundation. Rory's quest is personal, he served with Tillman, and the two were...
  3. Blogs
    Photographing long or tall projects. Since a lot of us produce "longer", or taller, items that we want to post on LJ's, we typically end up having to take the photo from a distance so that the entire object can be included. The resulting photo ends up not showing the finer details of your work...
1-3 of 3 Results