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  1. Stackable Snowmen

    I wrote an article about these in the Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine Holiday Edition 2010 (Issue 53). The snowmen are about 5.5 inches tall, basswood, painted with acrylics. The first photo are two I recently carved as a special order. The next photo is one I carve several of every year...
  2. Small skid loader

    Little skid loader from the wood magazine plans
  3. Wood Pumpkin for Halloween

    Build Instructions and additional pictures: This triangular pumpkin lantern could be a nice addition to your Halloween décor. To give the lantern an aged timeworn look, the rustic finish uses multiple layers of paint, rough sanding and...
  4. Stackable Snowmen

    Here are three of the reasons I've been so busy lately… I carved one of these that was published in Wood Carving Illustrated in Winter 2010, issue 53. Since then, I do several per year - almost all during the pre-Christmas buying season. The third photo shows my most popular one, a Midshipman...
  5. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hi After an extensive internet search I came across this site and a question posed by ADHDAN. I would like to contact him to ask how he went on making these and if he has any sizes or plans? I cannot send him an email yet as I have only just joined, Could anyone put me in touch with him in case...
1-5 of 5 Results