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  1. A Chest of Drawers and Nightstand for Michael

    Phew - I finally completed this project! It took me over a year (I started it, took 8 mo off from the shop, then returned to complete it). It's walnut with cherry bowties and pegs. Maple back, drawer sides, and carcass parts. This thing is a beast! Very stout and heavy! I learned a lot with...
  2. Knock-down Spray Booth

    Quick knock-down spray booth with 20" fan for water-borne finishes. 6' horizontal capacity. Works great with my HVLP system.
  3. Paint Room Reno

    I had a forum topic a while ago about the best way to extract fumes from a spray booth. The first thing I tried was box fans mounted in the wall as seen in picture three to push air into the room and exhaust the fumes out the window… this did not work that well, I had the whole house smelling...
  4. Drop down spray booth w/ exhaust fan for woodshop

    The spray booth is 11'x11' with 10'6" ceiling. I cut 3/4" plywood into 2" strips and made 4 sets of frames. Drilled holes in two of them, placed 3/8" tee-nuts in one of those and stacked it under a solid frame which gets attached to the ceiling. The second drilled frame gets 6" bolts and...
  5. Makeshift spray booths

    When the temperature outside is below 50F or wind is blowing, it is impossible to do any spraying outdoor. I made these two makeshift spray booths so I can do my spraying inside my garage. They are made of 3/4" PVC pipes and not glued together so I can take them down and store away easily. The...

    Project removed
  7. Spray Booth

    Please refer to text in each picture.
  8. Spray Booth

    I used to spray my projects out doors but I was always annoyed by the wind/bugs/setup time. I finally became fed-up after spraying a painted project white and finding that a million bugs loved my project so much that they wanted to be a part of it forever! The booth is quite simple. Its a 12' x...
  9. vase 2

    well this an other view of the vase
  10. Segmented Form.

    My first segmented vessel with the chevron ring. This was a long and lots of learning experience. Now I am excited to make more as well as include the pattern in some bowls and other items I have in mind. I used Cherry, Walnut, Yellow Heart and some Brazilian Walnut.
  11. My spray booth

    I really needed an enclosed spray booth. What to do, What to do. I have this area on the side of the barn that use to park my tractor. Then I needed a place for my plywood / scrap wood cart. So the cart parked where the tractor used to. But then, I figured that would be the perfect place to...
  12. Jigs & Fixtures
    I'm trying to decide what tape to use for attaching templates to workpieces. I have a 1/2 wide Scotch brand. A roll of both permanent and a roll of removable. But there's got to be something better. What do you prefer?
  13. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Giant, poisonous weed spreading across Canada 14/07/2010 10:39:44 AM News Staff A towering, toxic weed that can burn the skin if touched and even cause blindness is being spotted all across the country and some are worrying the invasive plant is growing out of control. Giant hogweed...
  14. Finishing
    Hi All, I have a spare 4" dryer duct in my workshop. Normally I finish Oil based outside, but I'm wondering If I purchased an inline dryer vent fan If I could move enough air to finish oils inside while it's cold? My shop is fairly small (10×15) in the basement and could easily be blocked off...
  15. Blogs
    Spray Booth Current Setup Hello Everyone, This is my first blog I have ever done. When I was adding pictures to my workshop page I noticed that I did not have enough room to show more than one pic of my spray booth. In this blog I will show you my current set up. In future blogs I will talk...
  16. Blogs
    Spray Booth for my Shop I build a homemade paint booth, I thought initially make 20-inch fan and a filter, but a friend gave me a turbine, so I think you got much better the project, I will place progress. Voy a construir una cabina de pintura casera, pensé en hacerla inicialmente con un...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    First off I live in Canada so immediately half my tool choices are cut out of the list. I am in the process of building a new garage and am working some overtime to outfit it with some new tools. Currently I am using a home made 12" disc sander with a DIY jointer fence and it works surprisingly...
  18. Marketplace Classifieds
    This jig has now been sold. Thanks for your interest.
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This is something that's popped in and out of mind over the last couple of years. Has anyone heard of, or had an experience with building a little spray booth/box hooked to a dust collector to draw in the fumes? Of course, I don't want all of that going into my pipes and hoses, and don't want...
  20. Finishing
    Hi All, I am looking to put together a temporary spray booth in the basement to spray some kitchen cabinets. In all the searching I have done everyone seems to use a fan blowing out of the booth often through a window. I was thinking of going the other direction and using a ventilator fan to...
1-20 of 20 Results