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  1. Golf ball USB memory stick

    ...or flash drive or thumb drive or memory key or whatever else they're known as. O.K. the dimples might not be quite authentic, but it does feel nice in the hand. Ball is holly and the tee is yew. I was pleased with the accuracy of my turning of the sphere. My previous attempts have tended...
  2. Stand Up Paddleboards

    I built these stand up paddle boards from semi kit forms which i custom modified. They are made of 3mm plywood skins over a frame and laminated with fiberglass. One is 14' 6" the other 12' 6". I inlayed shirt fabric in the fiberglass for the designs. Now I'm just waiting for summer so my wife...
  3. Wall bars

    Wall bars or gymnastics ladder, also known as stall bars in USA and Swedish wall in several countries was invented at the beginning of the 19th century by a Swedish physical therapist and teacher Dr. Pehr Henrik Ling. Great variety of exercises on it exists, which could be further expended using...
  4. 4 Drawer Cabinet

    I call this my "Bright 4 Drawer Cabinet". On the sides and back of the cabinet is a variation of a "Rolling Star" quilt pattern, in two sizes. On the sides I have 32 pieces in the same area that I have 16 pieces on the back. The cabinet is about 7 ½ "tall x 11 1/2" wide and 8" front to back. I...
  5. Cowboy Action Gun Cart

    This project was an opportunity to feed two hobbies at the same time. Cowboy Action shooting requires you to pack around a lot of gear and ammo. So everyone makes carts. This is my attempt at a cart for the sport. To open space will house a small wood crate with the same look and feel (yet...
  6. Oak Trash Can

    This is a simple little trash can. The bottom is removable so if the bag leaks it can be cleaned or exchanged.
  7. Blogs
    unusual day At a certain way, the center of origin are met through my work. The last day for Serbia, a country in which he was very strange and almost unbelievable, and I do not mind if there are not too common with our activities. Simply, I wish my friends from LumberJocks share my pleasure...
  8. Blogs
    Fish Out of Water - Intarsia Woodworking Fish Out of Water - Intarsia Woodworking Most everything that I do, I do with someone in mind and/or for some reason. I very rarely make something just to make it. I found a picture a while back that I really liked of a fish jumping up out of the...
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    This looks like a lot of fun!
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Hitting that 1 1/2" 25 ring at 200 yards standing up is possible, just doesn't happen very often. Trust me, I try a lot ;-)
1-11 of 11 Results