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  1. Another spoon for a friend

    Along the same line as my last spoon I made another one to give to a friend that we'll be seeing in a few days - obviously a musician. We used to get together and play every Thursday night and I'm looking forward to another night of music when we get together. Made from another birch chunk of...
  2. My first posting - Spoons made from my Fathers Day gift

    This is my first posting to LJ. I've been a lurker for about a year or so. I love looking at all of the projects that are posted. I'm envious of you! Alas…... I do not have the DNA that enables me to actually comprehend "woodworking", so I relegated to carving decoys and spoons. The first pics...
  3. Elm spoon

    Had a scrap of elm that came off the edge of a piece I'm making into a stool, and decided it was big enough for a teaspoon. Knocked it out in about an hour and a half. Coping saw, spokeshave, hook knife and slojd, then some sandpaper and food-safe linseed oil.
  4. NOT A SPOON- but a spoon rack

    This is a primitive style spoon rack. You spoon carvers may want to make one of these to hold your spoons. :) It can be hung by a wire or with a nail to the wall or cabinet. The colors in these photos aren't showing the true colors.. one is mustard over brown, one is red over black, the...
  5. Pear spoon

    I've posted this project in another woodworking forum, but I'm kind of obsessed with it right now, so I'm posting it here too! I have recently started carving spoons, and made this one from a branch off of a pear tree. The branch had a curve in it to start with, plus I had to cut around a big...
  6. carved spoon

    I carved this spoon out of birch. I only used hand tools (knife, spoon-knife) and I bees wax and mineral oil for a finish. Thanks for looking!
  7. Spoons in mulberry, walnut

    I was given a few mulberry branches and several nice billets of walnut by a coworker who was removing them from their property. I had never worked with mulberry before, but I knew fruit woods were great for spoons, so I was excited to see what it was like. The mulberry has a very interesting...
  8. First spoon. Cherry.

    Spoon, hand carved out of dry cherry. My first attempt, which came out very nice, I think. There was a knot in the bowl that I had to patch with CA and sawdust. Finished with food-safe BLO. It'll stir pots of chili just fine.
  9. Spoons - take two!

    In a prior project I posted my first attempt at making spoons. Here is a new one. 2 completed out of walnut, 3 more in progress… 2 walnut, one cherry. (3 or 4 will be Christmas gifts) (not sure I like the cherry one.. didn't get a good grain match on the lamination. will have to see how...
  10. Apple spoonula

    Here is an apple wood "spoonula" I carved recently. I loved the way apple wood just gleams after taking a cut with my knife, so I decided to experiment with a tooled finish on this one. I'm not sure how I feel about it - maybe if I were better at carving it would be nicer. But some areas have...
  11. Carved spoon from Elm with torched bowl.

    Heres a spoon I carved from Elm. Im just using a small gouge, drawknife and utility blade. I wanted to experiment with torching the grain in the bowl! It turned out cool. One interesting thing Ive been experimenting with is boiling the wood prior to finishing. Aparently "tannins" come out of...
  12. Dieter's Spoon

    The first spoon I can't take the blame for. Back when I posted the Spine spoon, someone else suggested it looked like a dieter's spoon… so here is a Dieter's Spoon. Mahogany, rose thorns and a big thorn off of some tropical tree. Approximately 10 1/2" x 2" x 1". The Hula spoon was carved from...
  13. A Couple of Spoons

    Just playing around with making some spoons! The lighter spoon is made from a limb of English walnut and the darker spoon is made from a limb of Black walnut. I rough cut the shape on the bandsaw and used a crook knife to clear the bowls. The lighter one I used files and sandpaper to shape it...
  14. Hand carved Walnut spoon

    Carved with gouges and hook knives. Cut with a coping saw from a piece of scrap 4/4 board. Finished with walnut oil. Thanks for looking.
  15. Cherry Spoon and Spatula Set

    Woke up this morning and had a couple of quiet hours all to myself - time to make some sawdust! I've been wanting to add a wooden spatula to my set of cooking utensils for a while now, so I searched around in my scrap bin and found a REALLY old piece of cherry reclaimed from an old desk. There...
  16. Large Oak Spoon and Small Pine Spoon

    My first attempts at carving some spoons with a gouging tool. Fun times!
  17. Large spoon

    Hello all. My wife has been wanting a large spoon for a while now, she gave me a picture of what she wanted & this is what she got. It's just about 8" long, 1 1/2" thick with a 3" cup/bowl on it. I used maple as a base wood with morado rosewood (I think it's part of the rosewood family) for the...
  18. Spoon made from crepe myrtle wood

    I had some crepe myrtle sticks in the wood pile and decided to make a spoon with it. There were a few small knots in it but it worked out anyway. The wood was easy to work, and I finished it with sesame oil.
  19. End Grain Butcher Block Style Boards

    Hi, I'm new to LumberJocks. I build kitchen gadgets for a living. Here is an example of my work. In addition to building wooden art pieces, I teach classes periodically in the Grand Rapids MI area on how to build them. Most of the works pictured are end grain made from a variety of...
  20. Birch spoon

    Another carved spoon, a little different this time. Also, this one was not spoken for by one of my children so got my initials kolrosed in the back and will be for my cereal :).
1-20 of 324 Results