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  1. Carved Spalted Maple Spoons

    Finished these today. I love the spalting in the smaller one. I have been wanting to get into spoon carving. I think I am off and running.
  2. Twisted

    I recently had to remove some bushes (Scotch Broom) beside my deck and decided to give this wood a chance to be something. This small spoon was carved from one of the limbs.
  3. Barebones

    Merry Christmas Lumberjocks!!! Haven't posted anything lately, my computer crashed and was slow about replacing it. This spoon was carved from a piece of the willow tree I took down a while back. It's the largest spoon I've tried since carving to date (14"). It was a bear to sand all the small...
  4. Carved Spoons

    The photos show the progression in my last four, with the most recent on the right. The three on the right are my best attempt at carving in the Swedish style taught by Wille Sundqvist in his book and by Fred Livesay in a class I took last summer. That style has a sort of keel on the under-side...
  5. What A Relief

    I found a tiny picture of my mother holding my brother when he was just a baby (which is the size of the cut out). Thought I'd embellish the presentation a little bit.
  6. The Swirl

    I took down a willow tree in my back yard and saved a couple of pieces just to see how it would carve. Much to my surprise it worked very well. Though I would share the results with everyone.
  7. Spoon carving in Turkey

    Spoon carving in Turkey After two and a half months holidays in Turkey, mostly there to relax and recover, but yes as a wood nerd, I do have some tools there and brought a few in the suitcase also. So a perfect chance to work on the carving skills and test some new and some of my self made...
  8. Lilac teaspoon

    I trimmed a lilac bush, and heard that the wood is good for spoons. I have found that to be the case - very fine grained, carves a bit like apple wood - sort of creamy/buttery when green but really tightens up after it dries. This spoon actually had a gentle curve along its entire length, but I...
  9. Custom black walnut wooden spoon

    Working with a client in Hong Kong, after a few designs sent back and forth, this was the perfect spoon design for her food blog. For the wood burning, I used a torch and a nail. I think it turned out awesome. Turned out beautiful! Is a small one but has lots of character. I did a video...
  10. This Ladle is Cherry

    I made this ladle from a blank I rove from a cherry "fireplace" log. The bowl is 3" diameter and 2.5" deep, the handle is 10". Finish is a few coats of mineral oil. 100% galoot. 1. Front view. 2. Top view. 3. Bottom view. 4. The befor. 5. Tools used.

    One small quick project - salt box 14×12x11cm, made of ash, finish wood oil. Hinge is 2.5mm brass pin. Additionaly, I made smal spoon, also of ash, with Arbotech angle grinder router, later sanded with oscillating spindle sander.
  12. Spoon - made in Scotland by a Dane.

    Spoon made in Scotland by a happy monkey On my visit in Scotland, one of the days friends of Jamie came by the house. So it was time for some quality time. Around the table in the living room. Fresh wood. Carving tools. Plenty of talks, good mood and Ohh yes and tea, since we are in UK, the...
  13. Salad Utensils

    I made these salad utensils as a gift. I carved them by hand using a carving gouge, knife and spokeshave. This is made out of poplar wood. I sanded it smooth and finished it with mineral oil.
  14. Spoons

    A collection of recently carved spoons. The one on top and left pair are Black Cherry. The middle pair are maple, sapwood and heartwood respectively. The Right pair are Hickory, heartwood and sap wood respectively. they were roughed out with a hatchet and carved with a More 106 and a Hans...
  15. Hook Knife Build

    A large storm recently came through our area and blew down a lot of trees. Hmmm, free green wood for the taking. Good time to learn how to carve bowls. For that you need tools that I wasn't prepared to buy so I decided to make a few starting with this hook knife. I started with a used...
  16. Motorbikes for the grandsons that won't break....

    Motorbikes for the grandsons that won't break…. I've made 2 motorbikes for the grandsons that won't break like the plastic & metal ones… I've used the plans that a mate, Tony supplied on his thread from an Aussie woodwork forum…. Made a set of templates [there in the background of the...
  17. Carved spoons

    I had some time to kill the other night so I carver a couple spoons. One is out of maple and the other was out of a Russian olive tree branch that came down in my dad's yard.
  18. Spoon making in Copenhagen post

    Spoon making in Copenhagen working green wood Green woodworking means working in fresh wood, this makes cutting and carving a lot easier. Brought home wood from a walk in the forest, had no plan but were thinking spoons so I took one that were really crocked. Pictures: 1. The spoons. 2. Green...
  19. Not quite finished chair.

    I am at a stand still on how to glue and bend the veneer for the seat. I will be using 3 plys, with the center being .200 thick - grain horizontal. Front and back of chair seat will be vertical grain white oak, .045 thick. The seat will be about 20 inches wide by 42 inches long. The top of ply...
  20. Bamboo Spoon Rest From Reclaimed Flooring

    My wife had been asking for a spoon rest on the stove so I decided to give spoon carving a try. This was made from a piece of bamboo flooring that I got a wile ago. it was carved with a simple gouge I had in the shop and a coping saw. Here is the video if you are interested in that.
1-20 of 35 Results