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  1. Spills

    I guess technically this is a project … after all it is made of wood! Having recently completed my spill plane ... I've been enjoying the creation of spills … lots of spills! Last week at church we had a multigenerational Advent Wreath making session. So, I thought I would place this project on...

    This flower is made from shavings created with the hand plane I posted a while ago . I started with a SPILL ( a very tight spiral shaving that used to be used to light candles etc. in the days before matches )as a core and glued petals to the spill...
  3. Blogs
    Spill plane - old English beauty Spill plane old English beauty I usually don't share my buys here on LJ, unless I restore or use them in a blog, but this one I think is worth it. This one just arrived with the post today and I was all smile and joy, after opening the pack and seeing this...
1-5 of 5 Results