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  1. Mountain Ash Walking Stick

    The found wood for this walking stick comes from a backyard mountian ash trimming. Often very usable wood is sitting close by but we don't always notice it. The handle is made from a elk antler , the first year elk grow straight antler , the antlers grow as 2 single spikes known locally as a '...
  2. "Fairy Log" Xmas present fun with epoxy and old rotted oak stump

    Video here! I got a fresh jug of epoxy! This is basically me playing with it and some pearl pigments usually used for automotive paints. Quite a while ago I grabbed this oak log from the family farm. It has been sitting out for years after it was cut up from some fallen limbs for firewood. I...
  3. Designing Woodworking Projects
    A few months ago my daughter and I were out on a hike at a state park and I found this spike on the ground. It was pretty close to the parking lot so kind of surprised no one had picked it up before and while it its certainly patina'd I don't think its truly that old (but maybe it could be). Now...
  4. Blogs
    Bought some of these big door nails on sale at Van ************************* I bought 72 of these nails for Clearing tile frame idea … and others
  5. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hope I'm posting this in the right forum. Does anyone know where to purchase railroad spikes that have already been drilled and tapped for mounting on coat racks? I'd try to drill and tap them myself, but with my limited knowledge of this process I thought I'd start by looking for something...
1-5 of 5 Results