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  1. turned spice jar

    I turned this little canister in shop class last year, I was following a similar design from an old magazine. It was a very fun project overall, though the glue up was quite time consuming. I can't say I'm much of a turner though ;)
  2. Under Cabinet Spice Rack

    I have just joined Lumberjocks and have already went thru all of the project pages this weekend. I must say there are some awesome woodworkers here and I love lots of the projects. I hope to spend much time here conversing with all of you and getting to know people. So I will get started...
  3. Burn-Wood Pallet Spice Rack

    Burn-Wood Pallet Spice Rack That column use to have a picture frame hanging there, and in a small kitchen that is a waste of space. So I made this spice rack out of pallet wood and I burned it to give it some character. I find it to be very handy as I don't have to open the cabinet and search...
  4. Mobile Kitchen Island

    This is a kitchen island that a friend of mine wanted me to build him. He loves to cook (and is extremely good at it) and he needed more work area in his kitchen. He wanted something that was mobile so he could move it around as his apartment is smaller in size. He wanted a work surface that was...
  5. Simple Spice Rack in Curly Cherry

    Since most of my projects are shop projects, I decided to post this one up. It's a very simple spice rack I made out of curly cherry. Assembly was done with pocket screws. The finish is a few coats of wiped on dewaxed shellac (sealcoat) that I lightly rubbed with a 1000 grit siaair pad (amazing...
  6. Spice pullout

    Latest small project - a spice pullout. For years we have struggled to find spices that we kept in a 12" base cabinet. We'd always pickup a dozen jars before we found what we were looking for, and at times had to pull out whole trays that were hard to negotiate through the narrow cabinet door...
  7. Basic Spice Rack

    Just a very basic spice rack, the shelves sit in dados and there are some simple rails to keep things in place. I wish I would have made it a bit bigger, taller perhaps, but it needed to fit this space and my wife is pretty short, lol. The wood is actually from an old 4×4 that my dad brought...
  8. Spice rack overkill

    Spice racks are typical beginner projects. Simple, straightforward, uses a handful of tools which the weekend handyman husband owns. They do have their deficiencies, though. This project is a spice cabinet meant to address those. First, I want to be able to see everything I have, how much, and...

    Hot sauce box ordered as promotional sample, with potential order of some dozens more… Made of 4mm and 10mm plywood, glued and stapled, cut on tablesaw and scrollsaw, no finish. Capacity - two bottles, placed one opposite another - both sides of box are the same.
  10. Spice rack v2.0

    My previous attempt at a spice rack didn't hold enough spices because they were sitting vertically. In this version they sit horizontally so you can store a bunch of jars in a single shelf, and they are easily readable with the labels on the jar lids.
  11. BBQ Spice Rack

    A neighbor asked if I could make her a Spice Rack for her husbands BBQ Spices. Drew up a simplified plan from looking at other spice racks. Many BBQ spice containers are a bit taller than kitchen spices, therefore plenty of headroom was provided in the shelves. Wood is Souther Yellow Pine...
  12. Solid Cherry Wall Hanging Spice Cabinet

    My most recent build was a cherry cabinet for spices. The boss (Wife) told me that she was tired of different size spice containers from the grocery store and that she hated them on the lazy susan in the cabinet because they constantly fall off and became over crowded. I quickly thought I would...
  13. Pine Spice Cabinet

    One of my early projects. A retail store dedicated to pine furniture called me after my first couple of projects and asked me if I could create a miniature version of one of their country hutches to be used as spice cabinets. They turned out well even though the rails and stiles were made on...
  14. Small spice cabinet

    Here is my first attempt at an old time spice cabinet. It uses 1/2 inch Douglas fir molding that I got from the lumber yard scrap bin. It's 15×9x3.5 inches and is painted a burnt red. Next time I am going to attempt an antique paint look. It gave me some good practice at making drawers.
  15. Simple spice rack

    I have a tiny kitchen at the moment, so I have been trying to get things more organized. I have a ton of these Penzey's spices, which are all a very nice size. But, they were stacked 3 bottles high in my cabinet, making it harder to get to other spices without knocking the bottles over. The tops...
  16. Mouse Cab

    320 days ago I started a blog called "Beech Wickerish cabinet". I did 3 parts to the series and never got back to it. Well, I never forgot about the project and recently decided to finish it. The cabinet is maple, the wicker (sp?) is beech strips...
  17. Spice rack to end the spice cabinet clutter

    Who can find any spices in the spice cabinet? See the last photo for the 'before' situation. Now the spices are in alphabetical order, and easy to navigate. I should have done this a long time ago. This is made from scrap 3/8" stuff.
  18. Pine Spice Rack

    Used a broken fancy display case as a pattern. Mid shelves were not wide enough to add a door or drawers to. Thin Pine "Kraft" wood from Lowes. Middle shelves and the uprights have been notched to aid in assembly. Corner pilars were beaded, then fitted to a notch in the mid shelve's ends...
  19. Cherry Spice Cabinet

    Here is a spice cabinet made from cherry. My wife decoupaged the front panel with pictures of spice plants.
  20. Philadelphia Spice Cabinet

    Spice cabinet I built for my Mom. Wild cherry with quilted maple drawer fronts. Tung oil finish. Two secret compartments in back accessible by removing bottom drawer to lift off back of cabinet.
1-20 of 36 Results