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  1. Spectraply bowls

    These two "Spectraply" bowls were made about 2 years ago. The ply came in a 2in slab so I joined 2×6in squares to make a 4in block. Then I cut through the middle, but on a slight angle to create the off-set pattern. The bowls are approx. 6in x 2in and the finish is Shellawax Glow. First 2 pics...
  2. Spectraply Peppermill 10"

    Didn't have a lot of shop time today so wanted to do something not so time consuming. I had one 10" pepper-mill kit, the perfect size for this Spectraply blank I had. It came with some instructions using a somewhat different turning method then what I'm used to. While drilling the bottom I...
  3. Salt bowl

    Salt bowl made with spectraply.Finish is mylands sanding sealer and mylands high friction polish.
  4. SpectraPly Vase

    I made this vase for my wife using SpectraPly, Bubinga & Birch veneer. The different angles of the cut give it an interesting pattern.
  5. Custom guitar bridges

    This is the first time for me using this product, it`s Spectraply. It`s dyed veneers laminated together in blocks and panels [ boards ]. Comes in a varitey of different color combinations. This one is called; Camo Extreme. It carves really nice with my dremel and sands out very nice. The front...
  6. Custom Guitar Slides

    Here`s 3 of my custom guitar slides that i make. Their called my " half n half " slides. Bottom is real cow bone with a wood top half. You get two different sounds … the bone produces a brite sound while the wood is more soft. The top 2 have Spectraply tops [ i posted this photo on my facebook...
  7. Ipod Mount for Tripod

    [Legebla ankaŭ en Esperanto] My wife's school supplied her with an ipod to record the kids doing musical type things as part of New Jersey's Core Curriculum. Among other things, she uses the ipod to record her children's concerts and the annual musical. The children are then shown their...
  8. Salt & Pepper Mills and Egg Cups

    I saw this coloured ply in a magazine and decided I just HAD to have some. It was supplied by Cousineau Wood Products (USA) and was available in a 10in x 35in x 2in sheet. I had it cut into 3 equal size pieces to fit into a USPS large flat rate box, which made the postage affordable. From the...
  9. Cure All for Social Ailments

    This little baby improves both dancing and singing ability, makes you better looking, smarter, funnier and more suave (At least if feels that way!). The handle was turned from Onyx Black Sprectraply.
  10. My Latest Pens

    I have been busy lately making pens with patriotic or military themes. These are some pictures of my work. There are several American Patriot twist and rollerball pens. The other four display various military campaign ribbons. Photo #1 - American Patriot Twist pens from left to right...
  11. Melting pot, kinda

    Hi, well I'm not the patient type, so I made an attempt at a "melting pot" without the advantage of a how-to blog by any of our resident experts. Needless to say there is a rather large learning curve here, and I still have a lot of questions of the proper way to do these. That said, I'm not...
  12. Mortar and pestle

    Mortar and pestle made from spectraply. It is 4.75×3 inches. The finish is Mylands hi-gloss finish.
  13. Bottle Stoppers

    Turned these to give away for Christmas gifts. They make great gifts for my kid's teachers. Spectraply and finished with CA glue.
  14. Router Bowls

    Wanted to post a few pictures of some router bowls I made as Christmas presents for family and friends. Yes, It is long past Christmas season. And yes I'm playing catch up posting this in April. The tree shape is made from hickory, with a walnut center board. The candy cane shapes are made...
  15. Woodworking Skill Share
    For those who have used flexible plywood before (this was my first time - it was a mixed success!), what glue did you use? There were too many plys (Four 1/8" thick flexply and one veneer) to use titebond - not near enough open time. I used epoxy - West System (until I ran out!) which is very...
  16. Woodworking Skill Share
    So I posted this picture in my Greene & Greene crib blog. I realized shortly after gluing the whole thing together that something wasn't quite right. I designed the panel to have 2" gaps on each side before the inner sets of three slats. Instead, I made the panel 2" wider than it should...
  17. Wood & Lumber
    So I got a large amount of Spectraply pen blanks as they are my favorite collegiate team for myself and some friends. I got them all drilled, cut, glued and trimmed. I turned one pen and realized at assembly that my expanding polyurethane glue gave out on both pieces of wood making me have to...
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    Good Evening, I just wanted to say "hello", I am new here. I have been working with wood as long as I can remember, I viewed years of experience and knowledge blogged on this site. I look forward to absorbing as much of it as I can, Thank You to everyone who has contributed. DeWayne
1-18 of 18 Results