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  1. Custom Fancy Cane #045: Black Walnut Crotch w/ Manzanita & Brazilian Cherry - Larsen Handle

    This is a custom cane that I designed for a client who needs to put most of his weight on the pad of his thumb and palm area of his index and middle fingers. With limited finger use, I also had to make sure there was enough room for his fingers to rest and have enough surface for his palm to...
  2. Fancy Wood Canes: Collection

    This is a partial collection of canes I have made. It gives you a sense of the variety of designs I have done and what I plan to do for future creations. My goal is to make a comfortable walking aide that is also attractive and fun to use. I hope the user enjoys the beauty of the woods with...
  3. Woodturning
    All…Just how close to absolute perfect alignment does the head and tail need to be? I can get the horizontal adjustment dead-on but the vertical I can get any closer than 1/16-3/32. Is that the proverbial close-enough for woodworking or should I continue fine tuning until it is also dead-on...
1-3 of 3 Results