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  1. Projects Computer Speaker

    Had some old computer speakers that looked ugly and had sticky buttons from being stored in the garage. Built this box out of scraps I had hanging around. The core of the box is an old oak door jam. Since its a door jam, it's really some soft wood veneered with oak. I started to wished I had...
  2. Cell phone sound "amplifier" for Samsung S5 and Iphone

    I made this for my wife's samsung s5, I've made one of these for an iPhone which had the speakers out of the bottom where the S5's came out of the back. I made the iphone sound amplifier for a coworker and he said it worked rather well.
  3. iPhone acoustic passive speaker

    Created six of these iPhone acoustic passive speakers, Purpleheart, Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, maple and Hickory. Design was done in CAD software (Fusion360) and the layout was cut on my router CNC using Fusion360 cam. Glued up and sanded to 320 and four hand rubbed Poly coats with a final wax.
  4. Bluetooth Speaker

    After seeing a few other bluetooth speakers on here, and missing being out of the low voltage trade for a little over a year now, the desire to tinker got the best of me. I decided I HAD to replace my current shop speaker: a built in bluetooth speaker on an LED shop light. The light is great...
  5. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

    I made a battery powered, wireless, bluetooth speaker out of curly white oak and walnut. You can watch the video here: Bluetooth Speaker Build
  6. Custom Bluetooth Speaker as a Christmas Present

    For Christmas, I made my son a custom bluetooth speaker. The case is made from Walnut and the front is a piece of Curapay that I found while digging through the cutoffs at the local lumber yard. It measures about 20" x 6" x 6". I've seen the bluetooth kits at Rockler, but the sound quality is...
  7. Bluetooth Speaker

    Just a quick project to make use of some ceiling speakers I got for free. Aside from the circuit board and lighted rocker switch, all wood and components were on hand already, so my net out of pocket was $20 (proof that being a hoarder actually can pay off). Materials: >Melamine front panel...
  8. Bass guitar speaker cabinet

    Built a speaker cabinet from an old speaker that my friend gave me. I just deiced to get into playing bass a few months ago and the practice amp that came with it was pretty bad. It's not completely finished. I need to paint it or cover it with tolex or something. But I didn't want to put the...
  9. Drum monitor speaker from old Logitech speakers

    My son needed a speaker for his small electric drum kit and I didn't want to spend much money so I gave him a cheap set of Logitech computer speakers which worked fine, but there was a mess of wires and it didn't look very hard rock, so I took the electronics out, cut up an old Bon Jovi concert...
  10. Built in Entertainment Center

    The wife and I wanted a place to organize our books and other media. I built the entertainment center out of veneered plywood and poplar. All my joins are pocket holed with a Porter Cable Quick Jig. I made the flat panel doors with poplar and 1/4'' ply. My wife did most of the finishing and...
  11. Bluetooth speaker for the shop

    Had to have get some tunes going while I'm in the shop!
  12. Miesian Box Inspired Bluetooth Speaker

    You can watch the Youtube Video of the build here In this video I designed and crafted a Miesian box inspired Bluetooth speaker. This piece combines the timelessness of woodworking and design with modern Bluetooth speaker technology. The design of this piece takes its aesthetic cues from the...
  13. Bluetooth Speakers

    It's gift-building season and I got these done for my sons just in time. My original plan was to use a wireless speaker kit sold by one of the big woodworking supply houses. It would have been a simple project; the kit has a single speaker and a control panel, all pre-wired. Unfortunately, the...
  14. Bluetooth French Horn Speaker

    I make these guys every now and then when i can get the supplies needed. Mostly for wedding presents and gifts. Quite a bit of work goes into fitting a bluetooth speaker in the wood base and properly porting (for air flow) and aligning the horn. The sound coming through the french horn bell is...
  15. Portable Bluetooth speaker

    hi, I made this speaker after my old one was stolen. in this speaker I used w different types of walnut for the enclosure. it was really nice project and involved different types of techniques. attach a link to video that show the whole process
  16. Reclaimed Oak projects

    This oak was reclaimed from shipping pallets then glued up to make my blanks. The hole in the rim of the bowl is a nail hole with the iron staining the wood. The blue tooth speaker kit came from Rockler it has pretty good sound it's about the size of a softball
  17. Tiger Mahogany (?) center channel speaker

    This is another speaker project of mine. I built it to work in conjunction with my curly mahogany mains, so it uses the same 8 inch mid, and tweeter, and I voiced the crossover to be as close to the mains as I could. The veneer dealer said this is tiger mahogany, but after getting it all...
  18. Bass Speaker Cabinet

    I made this bass speaker cabinet at the request of a friend. Most of my projects don't require plans and a cut list but I was able to use them in this case. There are 45 biscuits, so I cut 90 slots hoping that everything would line up correctly. Started with a 5×5 sheet of 1/2" Baltic Birch so...
  19. Two way stereo speakers

    Finally, after making Bluetooth boom box speakers for each of my older two daughters, I found time to make a pair of stereo speakers for my shop. All the wood was remnants that I had laying around in the shop: Sides are Red Oak plywood Top & Bottom solid Red Oak Front 4/4 White Oak Back is...
  20. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Copy in Pine

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Copy in Pine Second Cabinet (pine) built to replace original Fender Cabinet. (plywood or particle board)
1-20 of 93 Results