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  1. Barley Twist Nightstand (Spalted Oak)

    I had a couple of boards of heavily spalted oak lying around, so I made this barley twist nightstand over the past week. It took nine days-four full weekend days and a couple of hours each weekday evening…I figure somewhere in the 40 hour range, including finishing. The spalted oak is...
  2. Bandsaw box

    A couple years ago my in-laws in Maryland had a very large Linden tree come down. When we were down there for Christmas I brought back a number of log sections and they've been sitting in my workshop ever since, waiting for me to come up with something to do with them. I finally decided to saw...
  3. Spalted maple/ebonized poplar bed

    This was a "commissioned" piece for my inlaws. I ebonized the poplar using black TransTint dye and India Ink. First coat Dye/ink in Zinsser Seal coat. Second coat Dye/ink in 50% ethanol. Third coat Dye/ink in seal coat again. I ended with a few coats of Arm-R-Seal.
  4. Spalted Figured Maple Platter

    If you get up early some mornings (earlier than is normal for me) and go down to the dock, the water is dead calm and a mist hangs over the water. Through the mist the outline of the island appears. Just then, a gentle breeze blows across the water, gently lifting the mist and rippling the water...
  5. Spalted Alder Mirror Frame

    This is the last of 5 frames I'm building for my friends. I used spalted alder that I had milled from the same friends wood lot. Essentially I let the logs lay through two winters and cut them in the third summer - kind of a formula that I've worked out for the local Climate - this generally...
  6. Desk Accessories

    I had some small bookmatched pieces of spalted maple that I was trying to find a good use for. I finally arrived at the idea of making a box in which the matching grain would travel all the way around. I made the business card holder later as an afterthought, and brought them to work as desk...
  7. Spalted Maple

    Finally had some time at the lathe in the shop…this one is spalted maple, 8" wide and about 3" tall. Finsih so far is just one coat of danish oil, but more finish sanding and some more oil are in its future. The wood was punky and I almost gave up on it. Comments and critiques please….
  8. Spalted Maple Woodspirit

    This is Seth, a woodspirit made from spalted maple, finished with wipe on poly and mounted on a maple log slab with aluminum rods.
  9. Spalted Japanese Maple Goblet

    "Spalted Japanese Maple Goblet" is such big name for such a small turing. I cannot get over how beautiful wood can be. This goblet was made from the trunk of a small Japanese Maple tree that died. I normally do not bother with such small pieces, as the trunk was only about 4" in diameter and...
  10. St. Charles Box made of quarter sawn Sycamore, spalted Maple and Ebony

    This box is titled St.Charles for St. Charles, Illinois. The box is made from quarter sawn Sycamore that creates an interesting moire pattern. The top is spalted maple and the edge banding is Gaboon Ebony. Size: 4" deep, 5" wide, 2 1/2" tall
  11. Live Edge Maple Bench Light Spalting

    5' long, 14" wide, and 17" tall, this live edge Maple bench is assembled with mortise and tenon joints. I used the outer slabs from the log to form the vertical legs, and ripped another live edge flitch down the middle to create the cross support. There were only two cracks that went through the...
  12. Set of 4 Custom Coasters

    This is a set of handmade coasters I produced for a friend. She lives in and grew up around Rochester, NY, also known as "The Flower City" for their annual Lilac Festival. The woodburned design on the coaster holder is directly from the flag of the City of Rochester. The coasters are made from...
  13. Spalted Maple Abstract

    I usually create woodspirits and walkingsticks, but I had a log of spalted maple from last year where most of the wood was punky. This abstract is what was left of the solid wood. It was inlaid with copper, some of which I finished with a patina. Also inlaid some small copper domes I made and...
  14. Rickter

    This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain, spalted Hackberry. The spalting reminds me of the Rickter scale graph. It measures approximately 7.25 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide. It is finished with wipe-on poly. All comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated.
  15. Angela's Gavel

    A friend of mine's wife was in her last semester at law school when I tried to make a mortar and pestle. I had a started to turn the mortar when I realized that it had some worm damage. not wanting to throw out the beautifully spalted piece, I decided to make a gavel.
  16. spalted maple bowl

    was very careful with the spalting, spent as little time as possible around the spalting and sanding. Had all my air cleaning devices going full blast. I think it was worth it, and so far no ill affects. mike
  17. Spalted elm spoons

    Two spoons from scraps from the large slab of spalted elm that's going to be my new workbench and shop stool. The smaller one was a scrap I normally would have tossed, but I decided to try making a narrow spoon from it. It's almost all heartwood. The larger spoon is almost all sapwood. Both...
  18. Turned “Classic” Style Spalted Beech Rollerball Pen

    Turned "Classic" Style Spalted Beech Rollerball Pen OK, here is one of my first WOOD, higher level pen turning. (Not including the failed Dovetail pen attempts as noted in my Blog) Turned from a blank of Spalted Beech that I had to stabilize myself during the turning process. It has quite a...
  19. Spalted Maple Pen

    It's a pen.
  20. First bowl; spalted ambrosia maple

    I wish I could say I turned this bowl by myself but I had help. I met a man ( Les ) who hosts a local wood turners club at his shop. I have been interested in turning for a while and started asking around to see if there was a club. He allowed me in to his shop and even his house and showed me...
1-20 of 500 Results