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  1. "A Prayer for My Brother" Firefighter Wood Intarsia

    After I did the last piece to honor the military, I thought I would do the same for some other professions that deserve our thanks and remembrance. All of these men and woman that put their lives on the line to protect us deserve the upmost respect from all of us. I'm making the pattern for...
  2. Intarsia Angel

    Hello to all and I hope everyone had a great holiday, I finished this one recently and it was a challenge from beginning to end. I have seen this pattern before but there were some things I wanted to change. I made my own pattern and made the changes that I wanted. Being my own worst enemy...
  3. 50 Year Anniversary Gift Intarsia Wall-Hanging

    This one made me remember why I like doing this. Lately I have been making work to sell, but this one is for my wife's parents 50th anniversary and when I'm making one with someone in mind I have a lot more fun. I combined some different methods that I have used in some of the other pieces...
  4. Fallen Hero Intarsia Wall Hanging

    In some small way, I hope this lets the people who put their lives on the line to protect us know that we appreciate what they do for us. In talking to some people while making this, it seems some forget that Police Officers are not just there on the highway to give us a speeding ticket. When...
  5. Old Friends Intarsia Wall-Hanging/Carving

    This was a fun one to make because I love to add real life things into my projects to make them look more real. Using some old rusty chains, hooks, some old rope with the the fence made from our old deck we tore down last year. I did not sand or do anything to the old deck to make it look like...
  6. Wood & Lumber
    I noticed these 2 boxes of walnut on eBay. By my calculations , with shipping, the cost is $8.59 and $6.49 /bdft respectively. Why not just go to the lumber store and get what you need if you are paying that much? Just curious?
1-6 of 6 Results