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  1. Dovetailed Shelf

    This was a small project I took on for a friend. He purchased the wood and asked me to build it to his specifications. The woods are Cacao de ************************* and Spalted Maple. It has through dovetails on all four corners and sliding dovetails for the shelves. I made quick work of it on the Leigh Jig.
  2. Travel Mug, Spalted Maple

    Here is another GoodWill "Re-Build" Spalted Maple Travel Mug. 8 piece Staved construction. Started with one of those travel mugs that have a stainless steel lower section with the plastic inside and bottom. Removed the bottom and trimmed. Removed the stainless and replaced with the Maple...
  3. Utility box gets new life

    So this box spent a year of it's life messed up and unfinished, holding sandpaper on the workbench. I had originally set this box up for a dowel hinge, and realized I cut the slot for the tray way to high for this to work well. Instead of burning it, I kept it for a less glorified use...
  4. White Tulipwood Ring with Spalted Maple Lining

    I received some veneer samples recently, and among a lot of pretty sheets was this one white tulipwood. I'm 90% sure that dye has been used here but it looks so natural and the white-on-white figuring has transitions that resemble a light bronze metal. I couldn't be happier with the finished...
  5. Multi-Knife Display

    After 7 months of working on this project (the past 5 of which, I've touched this thing maybe 5 minutes every other week), I'm finally done! I kept track of this somewhat here: A coworker of mine wanted a custom stand for his knives (the five...
  6. Keepsake Box

    Here's my second box in this design. This one is virtually the same as my earlier post but instead of 1/4" steel to connect the legs and for the handle, I rounded up some walnut instead. I wanted to do something a little different with the handle so I drilled through the little curved pieces and...
  7. Cherry Jewelry Box

    I'm sure everyone recognizes this box. I made this for my sister for Christmas last year. It is of course based off of the design I believe was published in Wood Magazine a while ago. I didn't actually have the plans or the article but I had a couple of pictures from the internet I used as a...
  8. Spalted Maple and Cherry Tea box

    This a Tea Box I made for the 2017 Copper Country Chapter of the Trout Unlimited conservation banquet silent auction. I forgot to take pictures befor bringing it to the banquet so I apologize for the wash out pictures. The last photo shows the proud winner of the box. State Representative Scott...
  9. another jewelry cabinet

    made this one out of spalted maple and red wood from my father in law probably 100 yrs old! Its for my sister in law birthday. I think for the next one ill make the drawers, rails and stiles thinner. any suggestions / critique are welcome
  10. Dish from spalted maple

    Dish from spalted maple. 4" diameter, 2" tall.
  11. Spalted maple Waterfall bench with wenge legs

    I bought this piece of Spalted maple from a lumber mill on a whim while buying other boards for a different project. When I sanded it I was blown away with the spalt patterns. This piece has natural reds and some blue in it! Just a gorgeous piece of wood with beautiful grain. I decided to make a...
  12. Spalted Tray

    More spalted maple. Top is book-matched pieces and the ends/feet are held in place with four small cherry pins along each side. The red is inlayed sand and CA glue. It measures 13" x 8" and is 2" tall. Finished with several coats of Danish oil. Thanks for the looks and comments.
  13. Spalted Maple Pendants

    These are a handful of spalted maple pendants that I have made as christmas gifts. They are all roughly 2"-2.5" and shaped on my belt sander then hand sanded smooth (the wife helped with that part). The finish is 3 coats of lacquer then a coat of wax. the bails I picked up at a local craft shop...
  14. Spalted maple candle holder

    Rescued a chunk of spalted maple from my parents firewood pile. This is the first turning from that log.
  15. Small lidded container

    Second turning from a piece of spalted maple rescued from my parents firewood pile. Gotta love that grain!
  16. Lidded Boxes

    these boxes are also gifts. Last DEC. I was given a block of spalted Maple approx. 13" sq. x 20" long. It's moisture content was way over 20 o/o. My friend and yours, KARSON MORRISOM, & I whet to Dover Windows & doors where they had a bandsaw large enough to resaw the block. I had various...
  17. Wood gloat - Alabama spalted maple and cherry

    No posts lately as I was on my annual trek back to Alabama to visit family. Last year we took down a maple and I was worried that it would be a little too far gone by this summer to be useful. It's a little punky near the edges, and a little pit marked, but I like working with wood like this...
  18. Saved a chunk of firewood

    I'm not quite sure what it is but I saved it from getting burned for heat. This was a chunk of firewood that my friend and I cut from a wind-downed maple tree about 4 or 5 years ago. I had been sitting outside in the weather and I decided to trim it up a bit and stick it on the lathe. It isn't...
  19. Belly of the Beast Desk

    I found a craigslist ad a while ago of who was offering a bunch of 8/4 walnut cut offs. They sat in the basement for a while until I had the idea to do a "Modern Federal Farmhouse" style desk. I figured if most of the wood was free, might as well have some fun and experiment a bit. The top is...
  20. Popcorn Bowl or Something?

    This part of that Spalted stash. It is 8 inch in Diameter and 3 1/2 tall. This is the largest overall size bowl I've done yet.
21-40 of 397 Results