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  1. Projects Little Box......

    Spalted Maple sides and top with Mahogany corners, edges and handle. Kind of an experiment for the dovetail corners. The box is 5 by 7 inches and 4 inches tall Wall thickness 3/8" Cork on the bottom. Finish is wipe on Poly.
  2. Projects Spalted Maple Bowl

    Spalted Maple Bowl This bowl was turned from a spalted maple log I got from some family friends, who had cut the tree down in their yard. It's around 6.5" in diameter, and 2" tall. I finished it with Mahoney's Walnut Oil. Overall I like the shape of this bowl. I like the way it curves back...
  3. Whisky Cabinet

    Single malt scotch is the best whisky in the world, scientifically proven to make your beard longer and your tools sharper. Great whisky deserves a fine cabinet; I had been keeping my whisky in a IKEA particle board cabinet and felt like I was keeping a beautiful princess in a castle made of...
  4. Spalted Molly

    I carved this lady in a piece of Spalted Maple. As many of you may know, a piece of wood becomes "spalted' due to the introduction and decomposition of the wood from fungus. The different types of fungus give the wood its' various colors. No artist will ever be a match for the beauty that Mother...
  5. 8 Tiny Brass Screws +

    Spalted maple with hand-crafted walnut clasp and hinges. It's all held together with 8 tiny brass screws. The box measures 6" x 5" x 2" and the hinges are 1 1/2" x 1" x 3/16" and the clasp is 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". Time in the hinges and clasp is about 3 1/2 hours and it was tedious at best. I...
  6. My first box - Spalted maple and oak

    After seeing all these boxes on here I decided to try one out. The hinges didn't set right, so the top is off a little, but besides that it's OK. I like the way the wood came together for the top - it's spalted maple, bordered by the oak, with a chechen divider down the middle
  7. first box

    Made a Xmas present for the Mrs. Stared on this project almost two months ago, only can work on it a few minutes here and there… I have learned several new curse words in the process lol, but it was a fun project. Im new to woodworking, I have actually spent more time restoring old machines...
  8. Custom Spalted Hard Maple amp cabinet for a Fishman Loudbox Mini

    This latest guitar amplifier project started off as a limited edition (cream w/black face) Fishman Loudbox Mini Pro - which I got a killer deal on because part of what made it a limited edition - the cream tolex, was completely trashed. So I whipped out this amazing piece of spalted hard maple...
  9. Tea Box

    Once I made the knitting box for my fiancee, I could tell my Mom was a bit jealous when she saw that. I thought, you know… I'm going to make something really nice for mother's day and thought that a tea box would be the perfect choice. I did some research and found a website called Boxes by...
  10. My First Original Design

    Hello folks, just joined Lumber Jocks and am posting my first original design project, which I finished just in time for Christmas (with about an hour and a half to spare!). Spalted maple serving tray in an ellipse, about 12" by 26", give or take, 3/4" thick with a 1/2" deep bowl. Cabinet...
  11. Spalted "Blue Hole" Maple

    The wood for this box came from a severely spalted maple tree that had blown down in a wind storm at a nearby swimming hole-Blue Hole. The box measures 9×8 x 3 and the box lid handle was copied from one of my kitchen cabinet handles! Surprisingly, even with all the spalting, the wood is pretty...
  12. Spalted Maple Pedestal Bowl

    This maple bowl was turned back in 2001 on a small craftsman 9 inch swing lathe (1954 model). It clearly shows that you don't have to have a fancy machine, or even a lot of experience, to turn nice bowls. The wood came from the side of the road as the power company was clearing the trees along...
  13. Captive Rings

    Was just playing with a captive ring idea, it turned into two! Here is a link to photos progression. Captive ring stills Spalted Maple, finish-Bees Wax Mineral oil Thank you for looking!
  14. Skulls

    Here are some skulls I carved years ago to be used as tops for canes that I haven't used yet. I forget what wood I used on the first one all others are spalted maple.
  15. Spalted ambrosia maple bowl

    For those of you who have been following my blog series on turning this spalted ambrosia maple bowl thanks for all the comments. This is the finished bowl. Dimension of this bowl are 6 inches high, 11 inches across, and a little less than 3/8 inch thick. I like to leave bowls that will be...
  16. Krenov Style Cabinet On Stand

    Here is a cabinet on stand I built around five years ago after reading A Cabinet Makers Notebook by James Krenov. Curly Cherry, Spalted Maple, Black Walnut, & Ebony were used for this build. I finished the project with a wiping varnish.
  17. End Grain Cutting Board Initiation to LJS

    This was part of my first run of End Grain cutting boards. I learned a lot about working with hardwoods and end grain, especially the sanding part. Thanks for all of the inspiration LJ'ers.
  18. Skull

    My first go at sculpture but it's becoming a bit of an addiction. I'm new here but I made a website to start posting stuff - both drawing and sculpture. Here is spalted maple with maple bow tie inlays on some cracks that formed. Carved xacto blades and a sander…. not exactly fine...
  19. spalted maple/Padauk bowl

    Hi, Something I threw together with some leftovers.
1-20 of 397 Results