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  1. Low Boy Urn

    This is number 3 in my recent Urn builds. I'm enjoying this series because it really challenges me to stretch my technical skills and try many different ways to remounting pieces and sizing them to fit together. With wood that wants to move this is difficult. I find myself having to re-turn...
  2. Four Footed & Lidded Ash and Sapele Vessel

    Almost another piece in the Three Legged Dog Series but this ash vessel has four feet. It is turned from ash and also has three piths/branches running through it. It is a very straight forward piece and the ash cut very easily. The sapele lid is topped with a small cap of spalted ash which in...
  3. Burmese Lidded Bowl

    This lidded bowl was an adventure and had quite a few lessons for me. It started out as a great piece of spalted ash. I was really focused on the form and the raised band with the grooves. I was very pleased with the form and I had a dovetail recess cut in the bottom that I used to hold the...
  4. Recent work

    I haven't listed any new work in a very long time. Overdue for an update.
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I just saw this video from Rockwell on their new "Bladerunner" (keeping fingers crossed that the video will appear) It is essentially a handheld jigsaw/reciprocating saw mounted under a table. (I've seen a few do-it yourself versions of these before) but it is interesting because it has...
1-8 of 8 Results