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  1. Spalted Maple Pen

    It's a pen.
  2. Map Bowl

    10 3/4" x 4 3/4" Spalted Elm. Debated between map and cumulus.
  3. Yep

    10.25"x 3.25" Sanded to 600, buffed with tripoli, 2 coats boiled linseed oil.
  4. Diamond Willow + Antler Tee Handle Cane #2

    I don't think this is really a true tee handle cane. I left enough antler at the rear of the handle so the whole hand can grasp the handle without needing to hook the index finger in front of the shaft. But I was hoping to keep the option open to still use this cane as a tee handle by leaving a...
  5. Spalted Ash Box

    This is my first box. I roughed it out from some green spalted ash a few months ago. It's 2.5" x 4.5"
  6. Spalted Alaskan Birch

    I've lurked around Lumberjocks for a couple years now, and joined the site officially a month or so back. After looking at all the fantastic projects here, I figured it was time to share. This is a closed form, turned from a piece of spalted Alaskan birch burl. Initially dried in one my outside...
  7. Heavily Spalted Alaskan Birch x2

    Like the previous project I posted, this closed form bowl is turned from a piece of heavily spalted Alaskan birch burl. The wood was cut green and allowed to dry outside in the damp and cool south central Alaskan environment for about two years. Then I coated it in black leaf mold from my...
  8. Spalted Elm Bowl #5

    11"x3" Slight reverse curve at top. Spalted Elm.
  9. Wide Rim Spalted Maple Bowl

    This has been an interesting project for me. There was a problem with mold growing on the outside of the bowl. For more on this here is the link to the post on the MOLD. This is a piece of maple that I had spalted recently. After turning the outside of the bowl it was too wet to sand, I...
  10. Spalted Ash Bowl

    This small bowl is my return to turning. Last item I turned was "In The Realm of Speculative Fiction" in July of 2021. This was turned from a blank of wood I prepared last summer and the wood was much more dry than the usual greenwood pieces I turn. I was happy to discover some spalting had...
  11. Swirl

    This hollow form vessel is turned from a unique piece of cherry. The cherry has spalt, curl, and sap. It was turned end grain from pith to pith. It measures approximately 13 inches tall by 7 inches wide and is finished with flat acrylic. The finial is turned from maple. The finials are new to...
  12. Cherry Vases

    Here are a couple of recently turned hollow vases (or vessels) from a big limb of cherry. As you can see, some spalting made its presence known. These are some of my first attempts at creating a hollow form - but I'm hooked! The smaller one measures 3.75" in diameter by 4" high. The larger one...
  13. Shallow Spalted Elm Bowl

    Shallow bowl or deep platter, your call. Not as thick as the rim makes it appear. I wanted a wide rim to show off the grain some more.
  14. Chistmas 2009

    Here is a group of SOME of the christmas presents I made this year. There are others but I can not post them yet.(they go to browsers. They are allways browsingLJ's to see what I am up to) In the group pic; Top Left; Another Red Oak bowl with inlay banding, Top Center...
  15. Spalted Pin Oak Bowl

    Spalted Pin Oak Bowl. 5 1/2 Diam at bottom, 4 1/2 Diam at top, 3 inch tall, 5/16 thick wall. Finished with 4 coats of Tung Oil/Varnish. Got this piece of wood from fellow LJ Hairy in a "Wood Swap" that he offered. ( Got box # 2 ) It had a lot of spalting on the one end that I just had to turn...
  16. Spalted Maple Pen

    I like this particular brand of spalted maple. I have a large block of it, so that's good.
1-20 of 33 Results