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  1. Southwestern Bench

    I designed this Southwestern style bench from some Aspen pallets we received just before Christmas this year. These pallets seemed too good to just cut up and burn. I needed a white elephant gift this year, so I saved the pallets and made a rustic bench out of them. However once my wife saw the...
  2. make junk , in a profesional way !

    this has been an ongoing street job for me for over a year . the mission : " restore " an adobe " hippy built " bldg. ! the problem :it was " restored " by local alcoholics already ! the challenge : keep the " ambiance " , but make the broken things work ! the solution : make the clients and...
  3. southwestern seed pot

    Hollow form seed pot….walnut, ash, redheart, ebony, white veneer. Turned on my old mini lathe. The pot is 6" tall and 7" in diameter. Making the feature ring was similar to the bowl I did earlier. Fun to do but tedious.
  4. 12" Pine Lazy Susan with Turquoise Inlay

    Over Christmas I made Lazy Susans for our family. These are 12" and made out of pine. The turquoise in Mexico Turquoise which is bluer in Color. They were finished with Bullseye Sealcoat Sanding Sealer and Satin Polycrylic. These pictures were taken before they were sanded and smoothed for...
  5. Large Redwood Burl Slab Coffee Table W/turquoise inlay on a pine burl base

    We just completed this large coffee table. The redwood top measures 65×46… it has turquoise inlay through out and we used several coats of Seal A Cell The base is a solid pine burl that we found setting on top of the ground but connected by tree roots. It is solid and very very heavy. We ended...
  6. Santa Fe PC Bench

    Alder and walnut entry bench…...6 feet long. Designed to create a New Mexican look for an entryway. The sitting platform opens for extra storage. Walnut laid into the seat. Copper panel with patina in front. Peace, Bruce
  7. Southwest/Art&Crafts/Japanese mix.. Side Table

    Well… this is my first "serious" (read: non-pine) piece of furniture, which I designed in StetchUp based off of various pictures and styles from my favorite woodworking disciplines - Southwestern, Arts & Crafts and Japanese architecture. The piece is primarily Alder with reclaimed Walnut (from...
  8. Rustic Southwestern Mirror

    This project is not intended to show any special craftsmanship, but rather to appeal to the "beauty is in the simplicity" mindset. Made of weathered wood and a reflection of my neighborhood. Hanging on a nearby Aspen tree knot. Our cabin with 20" new snow in the last 4 days. Bruce
  9. Scrollsawing
    I am making wooden puzzles of animals for children at my boys school. I have been making them with various scraps and depending on wood choice some seem to have better fit. The hard maple does not seem to work as well as others I suspect because I push to hard through tight turns. I am using...
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    It's missing the Splitter Assembly but I discovered the complete Splitter assembly can be purchased from Delta for $47.50. I would like to get rid of it and was wondering where you think I should list it. Should I purchase the splitter assembly and sell the whole thing together or sell it as is...
  11. Blogs
    Juniper Log Coffee Table Base / Pedestal Since early fall we have been swamped in the shop and still have not gotten caught up from Christmas. Our inventory is depeleted and we are trying to get items instock as well as work on a few custom orders. Here is a rough form piece of juniper that we...
  12. Blogs
    Juniper Coffee Table Base - raw material Here is the second coffee table base which we are going to be working on, this one will ship to Norway as well and it will have a glass top
  13. Hand Tools
    These just arrived in my shop.. The single phillips of the set has a patent info on it and what appears to be a license number I am having some trouble finding any information on the web about these. I am mainly just trying to date them. The closest I got was a 1951 catalog...
1-13 of 13 Results