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  1. Counter Stools

    The wife requested a pair of "Counter Stools" for our kitchen. She found a couple of pictures online that she like so I got busy. I used Southern Yellow Pine cut from 2×12x12's from a local lumber yard. Their quality was so much better than from the Orange or Blue Boxes. Nice tight, straight...
  2. Tall Bookcase (Unfinished)

    This Bookcase stands 11 ft tall it has a marble top. The center doors open and fold in to hide a LCD TV other doors hide AV equipment the crown is made from 6 trim pieces "Picture frame mouldings" Corbels are cast resin The finish has not been decided. will post when complete.
  3. My Best Magnolia Bowls

    This Wood came from two very big Southern Magnolias at my church. I'm a little partial to Magnolia because its the Mississippi state tree and flower and I think I lived most of my childhood in the top of my neighbor's Magnolia in Jackson, MS. The pastor said he was going to cut them down. I...
  4. Walnut Kitchen

    This kitchen was made in this past May and June, The interiors of the cabinets are made of pine plywood edging thereof are walnut, doors and drawer fronts are walnut and try to get the grain of the wood had continuity horizontally as far as possible; drawers, wine rack, cutler, removable...
  5. Southern Huntboard Reproduction in Mahogany (c. 1825)

    This project was created as a display piece for our new shop. Built from solid mahogany with traditional mortise and tenon and dovetail joinery. Features double tapered legs, solid antique brass hardware form the great folks at Horton Brasses. Finished in General Finishes Antique Brown Gel...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am finally setting up a woodworking shop in my garage, and have a good selection of tools, except for a drill press. I don't have a lot of room, especially bench-top space. I was considering the reasonably priced floor drill press from Ridgid, at $300 a good buy and it seems popular with...
  7. Wood & Lumber
    Pine, that's all there is here. Sure I can drive 4 hours to Atlanta and get all the hardwood I need. But I was looking for something a little closer. Heck I would drive 2 hours away. I'm near Bainbridge, GA. Would be willing to drive to Florida or Alabama. Both are only 1/2 hour away. Thank you...
  8. Blogs
    Community Woodshop LA - are you interested? My name is Scott Stevens and I have an idea to create a community woodshop. My goal is to create a friendly environment for people to explore woodworking. People will not only come to use the woodworking machines but also to learn something new, to...
  9. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I have been thinking about putting a pawl on my rip fence as an anti kick back device. Anyone see any issues with this idea?
  10. Wood & Lumber
    Well, I thought I would cheap out in building a modified "6-Board Chest" and picked up a handful of 2×8 8ft SYP boards from Big Orange(HD). I figured that at ~40% the cost of picking 1×8s how could I lose, especially with all that extra to thickness that can be planed down to perfection...
  11. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    I'm wondering what people think about purchasing used furniture at garage sales or craigslist, refinishing them into new condition, and then reselling them. Do you think there could be money there?
1-11 of 11 Results