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  1. My first bowl

    On Tuesday (21 June 2011) I was privileged to spend the day with a renowned South African Turner, Dave Stephenson. You can see some of his work in Div's blog here. He showed me the basics of bowl turning and gave me many good tips and pointers as well. Dave is an amazing guy and I am truly...
  2. Keepsake Box with Hidden Drawer

    Based on Dustin Penner's boxes with secret compartments. African Rosewood and Beech. Finished with mineral oil and wax.
  3. South Africa

    Made this for the love of my life - that's her home. Was my first attempt at intarsia - and I made a few errors. But overall, I'm pleased as was she. Each piece is one of the provinces. Stock: Light color - African Mahogany Stock: Tall pieces - Zebrawood Stock: Dark pieces - Lacewood Stock...
  4. Blogs
    A Woodworker's Visit to Knysna, South Africa What does a woodworker do while on vacation in South Africa? I recently returned from a trip to South Africa with my wife and in-laws, which included stays in Cape Town, Plettenburg Bay, and Knysna. As a lumber jock, I was excited to learn that...
  5. Blogs
    Photos - "Out of the wood" Exhibition - South Africa I had the opportunity to take a few photos last week so here is a selection. Some of the shots are not so good, so please forgive! Since I am posting my own pieces as projects, I am only showing work from other exhibitors. This should give a...
  6. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    I posted this before and then deleted it because I was afraid of opening up another big, controversial can of worms about business like I did last time. Anyway, I'm in the early stages of applying for a California State General Contractor's (B) License. Just got signatures from a couple...
1-6 of 6 Results