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  1. Gavel - Turning Projects

    At the public library, I found a hard copy of A Course in Wood Turning (Archie S. Milton, Otto K. Wohlers). The book is a really quick read and some of the information is dated, but interesting nonetheless. The real value lies in the dozens of plates in the back of the book, which illustrate...
  2. Gavel and Sounding Block

    Very happy to announce that my oldest daughter has finished with honors and graduated from Law School last week. The gavel and block is a gift from a loving dad to his daughter. Made with East Indian Rose Wood and American Holly. The Pens are made from teak from the original decks of the USS...
  3. A different kind of gavel

    Though it may not look like it, this is indeed a gavel and a sounding block. Though it may not look like it, both are made from walnut. Only the fourth picture shows the actual color of the wood. (Obviously, I have a lot to learn about photography…ok, I suck at photography). The sounding...
  4. Hand Tools
    For my own use, I would restore them to working order but probably not to 'as good as new' look. First I guess it depends on whether you plan to use it or display it. Is there a general rule to this or are there two schools of thought amongst collectors ? I ask, because the flea market here has...
1-4 of 4 Results