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  1. Bar / Wine Rack / Entertainment Center

    BUILT BY MY UNCLE This is in my fathers house. Everything pretty much speaks for it's self. The counter top is Avonite solid surface. The TV shelf pulls out and turns from side to side. The grain matches on the drawer faces, and the base.
  2. the little blue guy

    Samples make cool stuff. I get the old samples from the company I work for when the new stuff comes in. I am a project engineer for a custom cabinet shop that also produces counter tops. Hope you guys don't mind my sharing these. I don't have any micro turning tools yet. I need to get some...
  3. Custom Solid Surface Chess Board - Pear, Leopard Wood, Ebony, & Walnut!

    OK - I for one have done some digging and found that the quality of chess boards available in the world today is just well POOR! They are all paper thin veneers, just junk! I hate paper back veneer, I dislike lacquer … and generally - great it's ALL walnut and maple or maybe a very high end...
  4. Solid Surface Turnings

    These are examples of my first attempts at turning solid surface on the wood lathe. The material happens to be Corian. Yes, I know this is a woodworking site. However, as woodworkers we at some time are going to have the opportunity to incorporate other material forms into our woodworking. I...
  5. Hanging and Floating Dish Racks, solid surface and stainless steel

    This is the 3rd iteration of this design: First was wood with wood dowels, clear finish. Lasted 10 years but looked horrible. No way to keep it clean. Second was wood frame with stainless dowels. No way to keep white paint from flaking, and I tried several kinds of finish. So I made a frame...
  6. Solid Surface Chess Table

    Solid Surface Chess Table with a cherry turned leg
  7. 2 for the high school sports auction

    I was asked to help a good friend make these 2 pens for a great family in the neighborhood. A couple of their boys play high school sports and these are for the baseball team dinner & auction. Its this Saturday in West Jordan UT 1/15/14. Both pens are Chrome Zen pen kits with great rollerball...
  8. Corian V-carved Trivet

    This is a quick trivet that I made using V-carving and some solid surface material as a gift for a friend with a new puppy. Carving was enhanced with white paint and then flattened using a random orbit sander.
  9. Assorted group of pens

    A group of pens that I have been practicing on and giving away. Several didn't make the cut and got trashed, but that is what learning is all about. Project Type: Slimline Pens with Solid Surface Project Name: Slimline Pens with Solid Surface Date Completed: Mar 2010 Description: Several...
  10. Football Decal work w/ PVC bands

    I was asked by a guy I worked with during Christmas last year to make him some gifts. His friends like the teams as shown on the pens. I used a white solid surface materials and cut in at an angle to add the PVC edgebanding stripes. Then the "team" decals were added along with the initials...
  11. Rotating Game Board - A Simple but Unique Solid Wood Chess and Backgammon Table

    OK - this piece has been going on for a while and has appeared in various states in my gaming blog series. Finally - HERE is the completed piece! One solid American black walnut original design gaming table by Artisans of the Valley (Eric M. Saperstein & Michael Pietras) custom built for our...
  12. Zebrawood Trivet

    I made some of these last Christmas, I am making another batch of them using Zebrawood. Its Zebrawood with a solid surface frame. Hope ya like it. Thanks for looking!
  13. Bookshelves

    I made these bland, dull looking plywood shelves, wrapped them in 1/4" thick white solid surface, and now they look super cool!
  14. Computer Desk

    I had been needing a nice computer table and had some red oak and solid surface pieces laying around so I designed them together. I like the color combination. I additionally custom made my own drawer handles. The first two pics show the desk just after completion. Picture three shows the...
  15. Olathe Med. Ctr. Security Desk

    Ok, so the casework and substrate are particle board and MDF, so technically it's mostly "wood". This was my Solid Surface (Corian™ Savannah) project I built last week. Comes apart in 4 pieces for shipping, and ready for hard seaming in the field. Even in 4 pieces, it was HEAVY AS HELL! lol
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Ok all you Galoots, Today I got a Stanley no 95 (type 1) for $35, it is missing the nickel cap adjustment screw. I also got a Stanley 7C (type 15) for $50. It appears to have been well used and taken care of, probably 90-95 percent jappaning. I also got a Stanley 6 (type 14) in a fully loaded...
  17. Focus on the Workspace
    Hi all, I am about to put together a small shop from scratch. It will be with limited space and limited resources due to the geographical area I am in. I will rout my dust collection pipes mainly under the floor and I only have a choice between 4" and 6" pipes available. My question to the LJ...
  18. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hey fellow lumberjocks, my name is Joe and I'm relatively new here. Save for a few comments, this is my first post. I'm in the process (about done, I hope) of designing my first woodworker's bench and I'd like your feeback. I plan to start the build this weekend. After months of research...
1-18 of 18 Results