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  1. Solid Maple Desk

    A solid maple desk I made for a local client. It's all solid maple with a custom blend of stains to match her existing furniture.
  2. Solid maple workbench

    I built this workbench using 2" solid maple top that I bought from a mill, I planes down and finished it with clear poly. I am happy with the results, but still plan on drilling holes for dogs on the top.
  3. Solid Maple Meditation Table

    This was a commission from a client to build a table his clients could use with their meditation chairs. With that in mind this table is much lower than a regular table at 20" and a little higher than a coffee table. it's constructed from solid maple. The walnut inlay was done to allow for...
  4. Some of th Laser Engraved Signs that I Am Making

    This is some of the many laser engraved signs that I am now making. The artwork is original and is created by me. I'm not going to do all of my artwork for my signs but I will try to do the majority of it. There are two styles of signs shown in the pictures. The one in the first picture is solid...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a 12" Craftsman bandsaw manufactured back in 76'. Works well although, the cast iron table is not dead flat by about 1/16" or so where the blade inserts. Suggestions for making it dead flat? So far, using a flat piece of plexiglass with low grit sandpaper. Good workout for the...
  6. Finishing
    I made a Chinese checkerboard in cherry for my wife. As we were playing a game, I noticed the the "V" dimple holes for marbles all have some tearout at the top rim. Which of you talented LJ's have a good method for sanding the rim to remove or blend out this tearout? V shaped sanding stick...
1-7 of 7 Results