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  1. Simple Compost bin

    I needed a simple compost bin to handle a lot of my daily yard waste and kitchen scraps. I didn't want to fill the trash with this sort of thing when it can be so beneficial to the perennial garden beds. Plus, its a simple way to be Earth friendly and do my part to help the planet. I decided...
  2. router tray

    So I was at peachtree the other day and I found a box of templates for making router trays and it came with the bowl and tray router bit and said what the heck I'll give it a try, this was fun to make and the wife claimed it for her self. I am pleased with how it turned out but boy was there a...
  3. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I have been reading all this time all warnings about static build up in soil pipes ducting of dust collection systems and about grounding and so on. But I have found no evidence of such a danger no where. On the contrary experts on this subject (not metal ducting companies) say that this is...
1-3 of 3 Results