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  1. Mahogany Sofa Table

    This sofa table is made of mahogany and ash. I made it for my wife because everything I make goes into someone else's house. My wife and I get to look at this everyday. This table is my favorite because it was a breakout piece for me. It was my first piece that exhibited exceptional design and...
  2. Prairie Couch in walnut and leather

    Eastern walnut Prairie couch with european leather and a sprung seating. Dye, oil and wax finish. I have two more of these almost finished. I need a bigger shop! The coffee table/blanket chest is mine as well. Our sun room is looking nice! This couch is for sale if anyone is interested…
  3. Sofa Rehab

    Did a full rehab of the frame and refinished with bronze lacquer. Professional upholstery work.
  4. Mission Daybed

    My wife graduated from gad school this spring and when I told her to suggest a present she asked for a daybed for the porch in our new house. This was the first big project in my garage shop. The bed is one of my own design, inspired by Limbert's Mission furniture. The wood is red oak...
  5. Waterfall Spalted maple and walnut sofa table

    I wanted to try something different with a sofa table and had this idea. The really difficult part was making the top and bottom corners line up - I actually had to cut out the flies corner twice to get it right, but in the end I was happy and it was the first piece to sell at the art show I had...
  6. Hall,Sofa, accent Table

    Hall, sofa, accent table. The lumberyard had a 16" X 4Ft. X 1" Padauk board that was calling my name, so I had to get it even if I had no immediate plan for its use. I saw a table on "Pinterest" that caught my eye so now I had a use for the padauk. I had previously seen a small pic (about 3"...
  7. Cherry Couch Tables

    Made some couch tables for the honey. They are solid cherry with walnut plugs in the top for an accent. The cherry was harvested by me from the family farm in New Hampshire over 25 years ago and had been sitting in my grandfathers barn ever since. I have a lot more cherry and hope to make more...
  8. Wife's Sofa Bar

    My wife baby sits the young neighbor kids. She wanted a place for them to eat their snacks and watch their toons. I've made a similar table/bar in the past, however this time I also made the stools. Materials are black iron pipe and 8/4 poplar. Thanks for looking!
  9. Mission style Sofa

    Largest project I've mad so far. Extremely proud of this piece. I took up upholstery so I could make them myself, having them done professionally would have been too expensive. QSWO from plans from the web site. Paul
  10. Antique sofa

    Altho I did not build this piece I did reupholster it and cleaned up the wood, and a couple repairs. First 3 pix are before, last three are after. Extremely comfortable. If you want to see more picture please check out my facebook page. Paul
  11. Bench School Project / Bank school project

    Bench School Project / Bank school project Here my first project. It's a simple bench made of MDF. You can go to my site for more pictures and the 3D verzion of this project!
  12. Facelift for my computer desk

    About 16 years ago when the HVAC guy was installing my installing my heating and air system, he accidently cut a hole in my hardwood floor whilst attempting to put a return in. Well, to make a long story short, I just had the trim guy build a desk over the hole in the floor and around the air...
  13. Virginia Sofa

    This is another piece I had to scale from a picture in an old catalogue to get proportions to build. The sofa was a lot of fun especially building the guts which I came up with thinking of how it would be built if it were a boat. The last pick is the Inspector Hound set.
  14. A promise to Jim

    Yes, I am doing wood projects! Not anything really creative, just functional for the moment. Refurbished this Sofa for my re entry into private practice. More time than money! The sofa had some problems. When I took it apart I found the webbing had deteriorated. It would be funny only in a...
  15. Sofa Table

    This table I found at the flea market as grey and weathered as can be. It had layers of newspapers dating back to the 20's caked on the thin broken top and the drawer was busted as well. The dealer let it go for $5. I took the top apart and made a new drawer out of the boards, turning them...
  16. Murphy Bed Sofa w/7 bookcases | Custom

    This is a Murphy bed that was completed in April 2010. It is my Hudson Bay style with an added sofa. The sofa cushions are removed and the bed folds in between the arms. The customer sent me the fabric, I built the frame and I had the upholstery completed in Mississippi by "Style and...
  17. Arts and Crafts Sofa Table

    This is my latest version of the Kevin Rodel design arts and crafts tables. His original plan was for a coffee table, but he put in approximate dimensions for an end table, a sofa table, and a dinning table at the end of the article. This table builds on the experience I gained making the...
  18. Sofa Table

    Sofa table made from Eastern Hard Maple. Stained with a Minwax Rosewood stain. Tapered legs.
  19. Murphy Bed with Sofa | Custom

    This is a Hidden Wall Bed that I completed in February 2015. It is my simple Alpine style. The customer wanted a Sofa to be placed in front of it. I had to make a few changes to make that happen. First to get enough height for the seat platform, I needed to raise the murphy bed up 4". Then...
  20. Mesquite Sofa

    I finished this sofa about 6 months ago. It was the most ambitious project I've ever done. All the joinery is mortise/tenon. The back panels are book-matched and are 3/4 inch thick. This was my own design and it has over 400 bf of mesquite! The finish is 10 coats of tung oil. I hired the...
21-40 of 98 Results