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  1. Wooden Soccer Ball

    long time ago I saw a similar project posted on here, so I decided to give it try… I mean it look simple and awesome. If I find the original link I make sure to post it on here, he deserve to take the credit for this piece. hes was much better looking,
  2. Sports Plaque

    This picture is being done for a co-worker's niece. He wanted something to suprise her with, so this is what I came up with. Hope she likes it. The picture is made of 1/8" Baltic Birch 11×14". It has a very light coat of spray poly to keep it from turning colors with sunlight. The black...
  3. Soccer Themed Coffee Table

    For my major project for woodwork at school I decided to make a soccer themed coffee table. The table top has a soccer field inlayed onto it. I also constructed a soccer ball made out of the same timber to fit the soccer theme. The timbers I used were jarrah (darker) and African ash (lighter)...
  4. Truncated icosahedron, uh, soccer ball, nightlight

    A few months ago I built a TARDIS nightlight for my son who is a fan of Dr. Who (see projects). My daughter, knowing her birthday was coming up, asked for a soccer ball nightlight. I laughed and told her that would be almost impossible to build (knowing that I had seen some balls built on...
  5. Penny soccer

    A simple game for the grandson. 81/2 X 11- 1/2" melamine, cherry 1 X 3/16 sides, 1/4 dowels. Kids & adults love it. Game is started with the penny on top of the center pin, players take turns flicking it back and forth to score in large end holes.
  6. My First Pen!

    My first pen! 24k gold plated bolt action pen with Texas Mesquite burl. I donated this one to my children's school for a silent auction fundraiser. Enjoy!
  7. Redheart soccer pen for a coach

    My father in law has become the soccer coach at my old high school, so I decided to make him a pen for the occasion. I found a goofy little soccer ball clip for slim pen kits and I decided that I needed to use it for him. He's kind of a goof himself, so maybe the soccer pen clip is a good fit...
  8. Outdoor Morris & Prairie Settle

    I built this outdoor seating set of 2 Morris chairs & 1 Prairie Settle. It was my first experience with a reclining back. I like the way they turned out… Too comfortable. Thanks FWW for the great plans… Now I just need a coffee table and some ottomans
  9. Wooden Soccer Bowl

    A wooden soccer bowl that I made with my Dad. I did the cutting and glueing and he did the turning.
  10. Joinery
    Hi everyone this is my first post just to let everyone know. I just purchased a used but looks brand new Bridgewood 8" CT-800 jointer, the only thing missing that I could tell is the manual. I am wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to where I might find a manual. I am...
  11. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Woo hoo.. we just sent the defending champions home! Well deserved 3:2 win in the fantastic match… Slovakia advance, eliminate Italy
  12. Site Help and Suggestions
    When I had a Dell PC I had the LJ's toolbar and I loved it. I now have a Mac and am wondering if there is a tool bar for this computer. I am sure if I could find the page where i got the toolbar originally I could answer this myself, LOL! But I can't seem to find it here. Anyone?
  13. Marketplace Classifieds
    I've been thinking of selling a few soccer bowls on etsy. I'll try here first for an unfinished (not turned) soccer bowl. Send me a message if interested or want additional pictures. A finished bowl goes for $200. I'll sell this one up for $120 or make an offer (cash or trade).
  14. Blogs
    Progress on the Soccer Coffee Table I am well into my project now, as you can see I have made the table top and had the legs professionally turned and now I am ready to construct the table and finish it. The lines of the soccer field were done by using a 10mm straight cut router bit and moving...
  15. Hand Tools
    Hi, I'm new to woodworking and I have decided to buy old tools and fix them up to working condition. Recently I acquired a few bolstered chisels at a garage sale. The one that has it's handle intact also has a crack at the weld joint (see picture). Is there something I should do to address this...
1-15 of 15 Results