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  1. Projects Snowman

    Every Christmas, l do some sculpture for my gran childrens. life time souvenir.
  2. Turned Snowman Box

    Had some time between projects, a large round blank, and a friend that collects Snowmen. Put all that together and the results are a Turned Snowman Box approximately 9" tall and 4" wide. I started out turning the three boxes and the Hat out of the blank. Then I used 3/8" plugs for the buttons...
  3. Snowman Inside-Out Christmas Ornament

    I decided to take a shot at an Inside-Out Ornament. I decided the first one would be out of pine so I would not be too disappointed if it did not work out. Needless to say it worked out well so I decided to dress it up, give it a snowman theme and give it to a friend that collects unique Snowman...
  4. Snowman on a Sled

    Here's a quick little carving for Christmas. The snowman is 6 inches tall including the sled. Carved from basswood, painted with acrylics. Sled was a vintage purchase. Claude
  5. This Years Ornamental Snowman Decoration

    After a long week of mid-terms, I went home this weekend and spent some quality time on the lathe. After about 4 hours of making bowls, and shavings up to my knees, I wanted to do something a bit different. I had some stock of a maple from an old runner at work, and decided to make another...
  6. Drinking Snowman

    These are a direct copy of MsDebbieP project I saw these when I joined lumbe jocks and thought would be great little Christmas presents for friends and neighbours. They were a nice fast project to do and didn't cost anything to complete.
  7. Stackable Snowmen

    I wrote an article about these in the Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine Holiday Edition 2010 (Issue 53). The snowmen are about 5.5 inches tall, basswood, painted with acrylics. The first photo are two I recently carved as a special order. The next photo is one I carve several of every year...
  8. Candlestick trio

    I would like to think I finally mastered cutting the floating rings, considering there are 9 just between two of the pieces in that pic XD. The funny thing is that little one in front is probably my favorite. I call it the 'Randall'. If you mix 'rose' with 'candle', you get 'randle' (which...
  9. Football Snowman

    We met our granddaughter and her husband in Myrtle Beach, SC for a week last month. While there, she mentioned that she wanted a snowman Christmas tree ornament. A couple of days ago, I remembered and asked her how she wanted it… (my questions in blue, her answers in gray) Basswood, 3 inches...
  10. Snowman Intarsia

    So I completed my third intarsia work. This time a snowman pattern I picked up from Wood Magazine. Overall I am happy with the way it turned out, although I do have several ideas already for how to improve on the next one I do. The mouth called to be scrollsawn, however, as my saw takes...
  11. Santa Wine Balancer

    I think MsDebbieP posted the original snowman wine balancer. I built a few of those last year. This year I decided to modify the plans and try to make a Santa. I think the cut-outs looked great, but I probably ruined them with my terrible painting. Anyway, it's an easy/fun project and works...
  12. Snowman with Cardinal

    This is a little snowman with a snow shovel and a cardinal bird. He stands about 4.5 inches tall, carved from basswood, painted with acrylics. Claude
  13. A Frosty

    Here is another little carving project made from SPF. This little guy started life as piece of 2×2 SPF. This was another adventure in carving pine, His hat took on several revisions as it split, broke and all that fun stuff. I thought maybe it...
  14. Snowman & Christmas Tree

    My first shot at turning Christmas decorations. I used tupelo which is a little rough, but they sanded down nicely. The tree is "painted" with acrylic markers.
  15. Santa Land

    Recently, the craft store that I show my projects, ask for Christmas projects. The project that I did had no great woodworking skill attached to it but by looking on the internet, I came up with a few ideas for trees (acorns from my yard), Santa Claus's from tree limbs and other wooden items...
  16. Snowman Earrings

    Snowman Earrings. Whitewood dowel, 1 inch tall, not counting the findings. Claude
  17. Winter decorations

    Here are some snow men and Christmas trees I made.
1-20 of 53 Results