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  1. The Salty Old Broad Pipe

    New pipe. One piece (stem permanently attached). Made from briar and ebonite. Stained with Aniline black and orange, which unexpectedly created a brown and green effect. Made from scratch, including the stem. Took me about 16 hours or so.
  2. Pipe making

    My first two pipe, made in briar.
  3. Rusticated freehand Briar Tobacco Pipe

    This pipe was made for TerryR in the 2014 pipe swap. The stummel is made from briar and the stem is made from Acrylic.
  4. Wooden Tobacco Pipe

    This wooden tobacco pipe came together very nicely with some scraps of Tiger Maple.
  5. Apple wood tobacco pipe

    Here is one of my recent pipes made from apple wood that had been air drying for 25 years. Thanks for looking!
  6. Figured Brazilian Cherry Tobacco Pipe

    I did a little research and seeing other people use this wood for pipes, It seems to be a non-toxic wood (burning/smoke) It is very difficult to carve due to the density though. The entire pipe was carved by hand with a chisel and rasp after it was cut to rough shape. The bowl is 7/8's and the...
  7. The Pipes, the pipes are calling...

    from glenn to glenn….......damn Im getting carried away. Anywho these are the other kinda pipe. The first two I carved a generation ago and have enjoyed time and time again. The last was made this year and has just commenced service. Perhaps carved is too strong. Sanded and shaped more accurate...
  8. First project that paid real money

    These were my first real paying projects. A 10' conference table and a 7' display table.They are made out of pine finished with 2 coats of stain and 5 coats of polly
  9. Walnut Russian Spindle

    This is my first experience working walnut. It was really clean and easy to cut. However, it wasn't as dense and sturdy as Bocote. Towards the end of the turning, the shaft started to bow a bit which caused wobble. This made finishing a pain in the bum. Also… I have not perfected making the...
  10. Pipe Making 101

    This is a first draft of what should become a nice illustrated tutorial on making a pair of one piece pipes. The pipe making process is much more complicated and needs a lot of tools to make. Pipe making requires: Table saw Drill press (several bits) Band saw 4" Stationary Belt sander...
  11. Another Apple Wood tobacco pipe

    Another one of my apple wood pipes. This one has a 7/8" bowl the wood is finished with BLO then buffed with Tripoli, diamond compound then finally a nice coat of carnauba wax. The stem is ebonite.
  12. Finishing
    A friend of mine wants me to make him a few smoking pipes and I had a question… Is butchers block oil safe to use? My gut tells me no, so I got some mineral oil I can use instead if needed. Side note: Any wood recommendations would be greatly appreciated! So far I'm gravitating towards...
  13. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I want to build a pipe stand, as I do not care for the design of the one I bought many years ago. My question is; what tool would you use to create the scooped out area (where the bowl of the pipe sits) of a pipe stand? Alternately, how would you create this part of the project. I'm not a...
  14. Woodworking Skill Share
    Ok.. I've been thinking about this for a while now and want to throw an idea out to the LJ community. This may be more for those on the East Coast USA (unless you want a little wood related vacation). Here is what I am thinking.. Would anybody be interested in a couple days touring actual...
  15. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Local head shop needs wooden pipes. Had some short purpleheart scraps under the bench. Now I have eight, eight purpleheart pipes (think of the Count from Sesame St.) I actually made eleven but two didn't survive drilling and shaping and I kept the runt for myself (too small to sell). M
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I recently got a SawStop PCS and I am having a problem. My fence is aligned correctly and I am following all of the standard safety procedures. I have feather boards and use a push stick. The beginning of the rip cut is perfect. The problem occurs when the material starts to pass the riving...
  17. Jigs & Fixtures
    Most of my boxes, I use a porter cable 4212 dovetail jig, (with through dovetails) but splines are handy for picture frames, and lots of other things.( Also I use box joints a lot too) The main problem with through dovetails, they take a long time to cut them all. I don't like changing router...
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    Welcome. Please feel free to post any pipe related questions, information, resources here. I will be adding more info on here soon!!
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have a Rikon 10-325 and I must admit that so far it has been a pretty good machine. I use it infrequently, but whn I do I am cutting 12" logs, which seems to be taking its toll. When I mount my new blade and tension it, the wheel is incredibly hard to turn. Not impossible, but it seems like it...
  20. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Hey all, What Wood Working Magazines do you have subscriptions to? What order would you put them in "best to worst"? What Wood Working Magizine would you steer someone away from? Also what online archives do you pay for (as an example…FWW) ? What are your thoughts about the flash drive...
1-20 of 20 Results