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  1. Projects My quick and dirty flip top stand builds.

    Really simple build, 2x4s lap jointed and dowelled side frames screwed and glued to the 3/4" ply bottom. 3 layer 3/4 ply table with 1/2" threaded rod riding in a PVC pipe as a bushing for the flipper. Carriage bolts for the stops... Painted Rustoleum hunter green. and Behr color "matched" hunter...
  2. New Member Introductions
    New to this site. Wondering if everyone who has a garage shop is happy with it. I am concerned about sawdust everywhere, including the wife's car. Is this a problem for folks? I have a small shed in the back yard. I think 10'x10'. It is where I currently have my stuff. Problem is everything is...
  3. A Nice Down Sized Workbench

    I helped a friend of mine build this work bench for his 10×20 workshop. The bench is 18in wide and 72in long. Space was a necessity so only usable 18in top was good. Made of vertical grain Douglas Fir with a store bought top called rubber wood I know is best as Ramen. The vise was...
  4. ingrown bark maple frame

    Small ingrown bark maple frame with walnut splines. Pictures don't do the wood justice, but ingrown bark maple is extremely neat.
  5. Japanese Saw Horses

    If you prefer not to read, the video is here View on YouTube I had wanted a pair of these style of horses for a while. Since I am very limited on space I wanted something to use in tandem with my planing beam that would let me work with wide panels for future projects. These are about...
  6. Craftsman Mantel

    So, thanks to Schroeder, I'm back. It's the first major woodworking project since the accident. I can honestly say that turning the table saw back on was an exercise in willpower. Anyhoo, I think it looks pretty good. It's my own design (basically an inverted version of Schroeder's). The finish...
  7. Super Cross Cut Table Saw Sled

    I just built a new cross cut sled for my table saw, I had an old one but it was not as accurate as I need to build the jewelry chess. This time I used ½" Baltic plywood for the base with Maple for the front and rear fence. I went with 1/2 inch plywood so I wouldn't lose very much blade height...
  8. Brochure rack

    A commissioned brochure rack made out of pine and plexi-glass.
  9. First Pen On My Own Lathe!

    This is my first pen 100% on my own! A slimline with Holly wood. I got my new Grizzly lathe set up and was able to get all the pen making stuff out of the bags finally! Turned with Easy Wood Tools Rougher and Detailer, finished with Mylands sealer and polish. It's not perfect, could have turned...
  10. Sander Cart

    This rolling sander cart is handy in a small shop. Added locking casters for portability. Joined with Pocket hole screws, wood screws and biscuits for the drawer. Wood was free and some from the scrap bin. Drawer face is laminate flooring.
  11. Walnut charging station

    Charging station for mobile phones and pads. Made from walnut and some beech for the light areas. The lid is detachable and became a very snug fit. Used a recommended technic of building a closed box first, and then cut iff the lid on the saw, afterwards I added the inner support so that the...
  12. Rustic book shelf

    This is a book shelf the a customer wanted to match a BunkBed i made for there kids room.
  13. Sam Maloof Inspired Dining Table

    I love Sam Maloof designed furniture. This dining table resulted after I saw a picture of his table in his home. Next, I want to build matching dining chairs in the Maloof tradition. You can see the complete building processing at my website by clicking the "Work-In-Process" navigation button.
  14. Bar/Wine Rack Cabinet

    I have been working on a basement remodel for a customer and this is one of the new features that I designed and built to contend with 2 support posts in the middle of the room. The homeowner wanted to make the posts disappear, so this is what I came up with. It is a 2 sided base cabinet with a...
  15. gunbox

    Made this box for a customer out of stinkwood and used black flokking for the inside
  16. Lumberjock limberjack

    Say that 3 times fast. Limberjacks have been with us for a long time.They are usually played on a paddle, I haven't got to that yet. My helper now wants a limberjill to paint anyway she wants. I have to pay the going rate, it's hard to get good help these days. She says my workbench is plain...
  17. For my neighbor

    My neighbor saw the deck I built and asked me to build him this. I got a picture on line, made some modifications and started digging. I actually don't like digging post holes.
  18. Arnarchists Tool Chest (2 Day Version)

    This is based on the Chris Schwarz DVD "Build a Tool Chest in 2 Days." It took me 4, which is not too bad all things considering. The materials are mostly plywood, except the frame for the top, which is oak, and the top an bottom skirts, which are poplar. I'm still adding things as I go, like...
  19. Nail Box / Tray

    Easy transport of all my nail gun nails, and a few common screws. I made a bunch of stupid mistakes but I'm not mad enough at it to redo it. Hopefully it's close enough to be a good idea for someone. The bottom should of been inset… would of been better to nail through the sides to the bottom.
1-20 of 73 Results