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  1. Plant/Display Stand from Scraps

    I have ton of scraps, mostly small pieces, but I refuse to throw anything away. I know I can just build some small shelves, spice racks, etc., but I really wanted to do something more unique. I'm always researching and reviewing ideas and OPP (other people's projects). Simply copying other...
  2. Salt and pepper shakers

    I decided a while back to try my hand at a craft show next Christmas. I thought that I could do small production runs of various small items that can be bought inexpensively. These salt and pepper shakers (7 sets), bottle balancers (12), and bookmarks (over 40 so far) are the first projects that...
  3. The Silent Projects

    About a month ago now, my wife and I welcomed home our new house-guest. We locked him into a sweetheart 18-yr lease: food, clothes and roof provided free-of-charge & taxi service included. He's just sticking around for eighteen years, at which point, if we did our job right, he'll move out for...
  4. 4 Holiday Gifts Ideas You can Make

    With all of us spending more time at home this year, I find myself spending time in the kitchen and cooking more than ever before. That why I decided to dedicate this year's DIY-holiday-gifts-you-can-make-out-of-wood edition to gifts for the kitchen. I made everything out of scraps of Ash wood...
  5. Clipboards

    I wanted a clipboard at work. So I made a few (this was a couple months ago). Maple and bubinga, maple and walnut, and a book matched figured walnut with beech trim. Fun and quick little project with clips I found on amazon.
  6. bottle openers

    I made a dozen or so of these bottle openers using scraps. they have rare earth magnets inset on the back to allow placement on fridge doors or any metal surface. bought the metal parts on Amazon. got the idea from other LJ members who shared their "how-to-do-it" info. Thanks to each of you ...
  7. cutting board

    simple cutting board of zebrawood with purpleheart edging, finished with food safe walnut oil
  8. Small Projects

    Here are a few small projects I completed a while ago. I couldn't see posting these individually so I just through them all in the same gallery. First is a simple pencil holder from, you guessed it, the Wood Whisperer site. Tiger maple with a padauk base. For the second pic I'm sorry, but...
  9. "JEWELED" Walnut Bookends with Brass Inlaid PB Bunnies

    June 13, 2012 I thought I'd share one of my old projects made back in the late 1960's. It was done in one of my shop classes for a project. Back then Playboy Bunnies were cute. These looked better back then when the brass inlays were bright and shiny. They tarnished even with a coat of spray...
  10. Fish Shaped Trivets

    I made some figured trivets out of scrape wood (walnut, ash, cherry, paduak) that I was getting ready to burn. A thanks goes out to Andy for his post on this little project. While not as nice as his, it is a good start on some Christmas presents. The trivets are finished with two coats of...
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I just got a 18" band saw the thing is I found out it was a metal cutting band saw does anyone know if there is a differants in a metal and a wood cutting band saw and if so what are they and can this thing be converted to cut wood.
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    Been doing lots of small projects. Rather than flood the forums wit lots of little projects I'm collecting them into a single blog Questions, comments, insults are all welcome. Discuss! M
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    Please check it out here.
  14. Blogs
    Making Wood from Wood ;) Been busy with my day job lately but was able to spend a few hours downstairs. I am finally starting to deal with my wood hoard and getting pieces together for small gifts for a couple family members. Mostly weekend style projects that probably will include an ornament...
  15. Site Help and Suggestions
    Y'know, I have no problem with the political or religious discussions here, as long as the writers are willing to get as they give. Let the readers decide when a member goes off the rails, or reacts to an opinion with disorganized thoughts or irrational responses, it's fun to watch the...
  16. Marketplace Classifieds
    Penn Industries 220v Long Ranger remote starter switch for sale. Opening gate turns on dust collector. Includes one 4" gate, wire, fittings. Additional gates available from Penn. New, never used, still in box. Retails for $130. Will sell for $75. Located in NE Illinois.
1-16 of 16 Results