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  1. Slot mortiser

    This is my version of a slot mortise that I spent a lot of time designing with quick setup time in mind. no measuring required can be used completely with reference marks. I got inspiration for this mortise from the festool domino, and also matthias wandel's slot mortise. the left and right...
  2. Horizontal Mortising Sled

    Finally got around to building a sliding table for making horizontal mortises this past Saturday. I came real close to pulling the trigger on the MLCS horizontal router table with mortising attachment but decided to give this a try first. I actually copied a lot about the MLCS design. I was...
  3. Homemade Magnetic Slot Mortiser

    Hi, guys! Presenting this simple slot mortiser. It works in conjunction with my Delta tenon cutter. It slides on the magnets along the vertical surface of the tenon cutter. Here is a demo video (2 min): Comments are welcomed. Be safe and happy woodworking! Michael
  4. Jigs & Fixtures
    Esteemed online colleagues, Why doesn't anyone make a bench-top horizontal slot mortiser that is durable/repeatable but isn't $3000 (e.g. JDS Multi-router)? I don't want to cut dovetails, boxjoints, copy sign lettering, brew coffee, whatever with it. I just want to make make horizontal slots...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    So, I recently acquired an old AMT (Taiwanese Delta knock off) 14" bandsaw on the cheap and I just bought a new blade for it yesterday. Got it on and can't seem to get the bottom wheel to track properly. The top tracks fine down the center, but the on the bottom, the blade tracks all the way...
1-7 of 7 Results