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  1. Elm spoon

    Had a scrap of elm that came off the edge of a piece I'm making into a stool, and decided it was big enough for a teaspoon. Knocked it out in about an hour and a half. Coping saw, spokeshave, hook knife and slojd, then some sandpaper and food-safe linseed oil.
  2. Spalted elm spoons

    Two spoons from scraps from the large slab of spalted elm that's going to be my new workbench and shop stool. The smaller one was a scrap I normally would have tossed, but I decided to try making a narrow spoon from it. It's almost all heartwood. The larger spoon is almost all sapwood. Both...
  3. brass and curly maple handle

    I recently got a straight blade sloyd knife blank from pinewood forge and just had a chance to put a handle on it today. I modeled the handle after the spyderco puukko which I use as a larger carving knife occasionally and know is comfortable. I used a scrap of curly maple I had around and a...
  4. 2020 Knife Swap knives, sheath and box

    For this year's knife swap, I drew Keebler1 as my recipient. Kevin drives truck, and is on the road, so I thought that a carving knife with a sheath might be a good item to send to him. The knife has a Mora 1/0 high carbon blade with a brass bolster and a two-piece dyed and stabilized spalted...
1-4 of 4 Results